Increase Sales By Expanding to OpenSky and PickPerfect


Integrate Your Vendio Account With OpenSky and PickPerfect

Did you know that Vendio integrates with OpenSky and PickPerfect? Take advantage of this strong integration and quickly send your products to two additional marketplaces. This can be done from within your Vendio account by going to the Channels Preferences page. Click the “Continue to OpenSky” button at the bottom of the page. On the next page fill out the short form to create your OpenSky/PickPerfect account. The accounts will then be integrated automatically and you can start sending your inventory over to OpenSky and PickPerfect. If you have any trouble or need any help please contact us so that we can assist.

One way that OpenSky can help you increase your sales is with the Boost marketing program. With Boost you choose the subscription budget level that best fits your business and OpenSky uses that budget to buy placements for your items. You can read more about Boost here. Let OpenSky do the hard part for you and get your items in front of more buyers!

Increase Vendio Store Sales By Using Coupons

Offering coupons to your Vendio Store buyers is not only a great way to reward repeat purchases, but is also a great way to increase sales. If you are selling on the Vendio Store then you can use this feature through your Vendio account as part of your subscription. To manually create coupons go to the Promotions → Vendio Store Coupons page and click the “Create New Coupon” button. If you want to create one coupon code that can be used by different buyers just leave the “buyer’s email address” field blank.

An easier option is to let Vendio do the work for you. On the Promotions Preferences page you can set coupons to automatically be sent to your buyers under certain circumstances. As always, make sure that the discounts you are offering are high enough to delight your customers and low enough to leave you with a decent profit.

Reminder: New eBay Product Catalog Requirements Are Here

Starting May 1st eBay began requiring that items listed to certain categories are associated with the eBay catalog item. The list of items where this is now required is small, however eBay is planning on rolling this out to many more categories this year and next. You can find the specifics of the changes and which categories are affected here. Even if you aren’t affected by the May change, if you are selling items that have product identifiers (such as UPC, EAN, or ISBN) it is highly recommended that you start adding that information to your Vendio inventory items now. That way you can be ready when eBay rolls the change out to the categories in which you sell.

Need Shipping Supplies?

Want to streamline your fulfillment process and get shipping supplies delivered right to your doorstep? Here you go!

Need Stock & Easy Money?

If you find yourself running low on stock, or want to try selling a new product to see if it’s profitable, then buy some trending lots on eBay and resell them for individual purchase.


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