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We Are Proud To Announce The First Phase Of Integration With . . . .


Some time ago we mentioned that we were working on integrating a new marketplace with Vendio, to allow you to sell on an additional channel and reach even more buyers. That marketplace is Etsy. Our engineers have released the first phase of this project in beta mode (currently enabled for a handful of beta sellers). Once it is released to all accounts, the first phase will allow you to import items from your Etsy account into Vendio. We are continuing to develop the Etsy functionality and will be adding new functionality soon (such as the ability to list to Etsy and manage Etsy orders through Vendio) to complete the integration. Please check your account regularly to see when it gets enabled with the new channel!

Use “Send To eBay” To Add Product Identifiers While Listing In Bulk

Some categories already require product identifiers when listing to eBay, and eBay is continuing to roll out these requirements for additional categories over time. We have added more options for you so that it is even easier to get up to speed and meet these requirements as quickly and easily as possible.

When viewing the main My Items page you have always been able to list items to eBay in bulk by putting checkmarks in the boxes to the left of those items and then clicking “Actions” → “Send To” → “eBay”. Then you get a page where you can make quick changes to those eBay items before listing them. Now you can also add your product identifiers on that page using the new “Product Identifiers” column. If you don’t know the product identifier there is no need to worry. Just use the magnifying glass icon to search by keyword and look it up. Please take a look at our video tutorialabout this that shows the process in more detail. If you are having trouble adding product identifiers to your eBay listings be sure to reach out so we can help.

Reminder: 30-day Returns Required For eBay Top Rated Plus

Starting June 1st eBay began requiring that sellers offer 30-day free returns to be eligible for Top Rated Plus status. There are a few exceptions, depending on the categories in which you sell. You can view the details here.

The easiest way to update your return policy through Vendio is to edit your Policies profile. This can be done from your Vendio account by going to “Items” → “Profiles” → then click the “Policies” tab. Click on the title of the Policy profile that you want to edit (make sure to do this for each Policy profile that you are using) and scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you use the same return policy across markets then edit the “Return Policy” section there. If you want a different return policy for eBay then click the “Adjust these settings for eBay” link instead and edit your “eBay Return Policy” there. The next time you launch a new listing after making these updates it will have the updated return policy information.

Need Shipping Supplies?

Want to streamline your fulfillment process and get shipping supplies delivered right to your doorstep? Here you go!

Need Stock & Easy Money?

If you find yourself running low on stock, or want to try selling a new product to see if it’s profitable, then buy some trending lots on eBay and resell them for individual purchase.


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