Import Your Etsy Listings Into Your Vendio Account


Etsy import is now available! You now have the ability to import your Etsy listings into your Vendio account. To do this first log in to your Vendio account and go to the My Vendio page. In the Account Setup widget to the right click on “Etsy setup”. Then click to continue to Etsy. After signing in to Etsy you’ll get a page that lets you know you are integrating your Etsy account with Vendio. Once you have clicked to agree, your Etsy and Vendio accounts will be linked and you should be directed back to Vendio. Click the “Import my Etsy items” button and follow the steps to complete the process. After the import is finished you’ll find the items on your My Items page in the “Etsy-imported” folder.

The next phase of our Etsy integration will give you the ability to list to Etsy from Vendio, manage your Etsy inventory from Vendio, and manage your Etsy orders from Vendio. We’ll announce this widely once it is available. Please be sure to contact us should you have any questions or run into any trouble with the Etsy import.

Ongoing Security Upgrades

Recently we have been making various security upgrades that you might not have noticed. For example, we upgraded to PayPal TLS 1.2. For those of you that aren’t engineers, TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security”. Basically, TLS is the way that Vendio and PayPal communicate in a secure way to keep your data private, and 1.2 is the version. Vendio and PayPal are now using TLS 1.2 when communicating, increasing the security even more than it was already.

We also recently upgraded the Vendio stores so that they are using https instead of http. Your Vendio store was already using https in many areas (such as the checkout process). With this upgrade it now uses https throughout. This means that your Vendio store is now even more secure than it was before. Rest assured that we are continuing to upgrade our security over time.

eBay July Updates

Be sure to take a look at the eBay changes that went into effect in July and make sure you haven’t missed anything. These include changes to returns, a zip code requirement, and the ability for you to create new products for the eBay catalog. In other eBay news, if you are a Business & Industrial seller eBay is actually lowering some of your fees. As always, let us know if you need help getting your Vendio account in compliance with any eBay changes that you are having trouble with.

Need Shipping Supplies?

Want to streamline your fulfillment process and get shipping supplies delivered right to your doorstep? Here you go!

Need Stock & Easy Money?

If you find yourself running low on stock, or want to try selling a new product to see if it’s profitable, then buy some trending lots on eBay and resell them for individual purchase.

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Talk soon and happy selling! Thank you for using Vendio!

The Vendio Team


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