eBay Fall Seller Update Is Here



eBay’s 2018 Fall Seller Update Is Here

The eBay Fall Seller Update has been released and you may find it in full here. A large variety of different fees are being increased (unless you sell in certain business and industrial equipment categories, where some fees have been reduced).

Using the eBay catalog is required for additional categories starting the middle of August. Check this list to see the categories where this is now required. More categories are being added to this list over time, so it is best to use the eBay catalog for any items that you are selling where it is available. That way you will already be ready when the categories in which you sell are added to the list. Please contact us in support if you need help with this.

  • Be sure to keep your “item not as described” return rate low, or eBay will start charging you an additional 4% final value fee in affected categories.

  • Starting November 1st sellers with a high “item not received” rate will show extended delivery estimates in affected categories.

  • Starting September 10th tracking will need to be uploaded before the estimated delivery date has passed if you want to appeal an “item not received” claim.

  • Remember that you can upload tracking in bulk through your Vendio Account, or purchase shipping through Vendio and have the tracking information added automatically for you.

Purchase Shipping Upload tracking

Additional Options With the “Send To” eBay Functionality

You have always been able to list items to eBay in bulk from your Vendio Account by going to the My Items page, selecting the items, clicking “Actions”, selecting “Send To” and then “eBay”. On the next page you can change some information, if necessary, prior to launching the listings. Recently we added another column to the “Send To eBay” edit screen just prior to launching, titled “Attributes & Details”. Clicking to edit this section for an item will show you all of the eBay options and you can edit them right from that page prior to launching the listing. This should help you get your items listed much easier using the “Send To eBay” option from your Vendio Account.

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