Image Warehouse Success Story

We want to share with you the story of a successful eCommerce business having a long history with Vendio.

Meet Ron Saxton, Director of Image Warehouse. He has been both a PowerSeller on eBay and a Vendio partner since the beginning.

About Ron

Ron is based in Illinois, Director of Image Warehouse, an eCommerce business that sells several hundreds of products daily: Toner/Ink Cartridges, Printers, iPods, Cell Phones, Imaging Kits & Drums.

How Ron Uses Vendio

When Ron first started at Image Warehouse he needed a fast way to seize momentum and jumpstart growth for the company. One benefit Ron has found with Vendio is that he can choose the launch strategy depending on how he thinks it is best to sell a particular item. He can also use the scheduled launch feature to create launch profiles for multiple items. The Vendio platform makes it quick and easy for him to manage the online business.

But don’t take our word for it! Here are some quotes from Ron so you can hear it in his own words.

“I have different methods I like to use to list my items and rather than create a schedule for each item I list, I can use reusable launch profiles.

Using the Vendio Feedback Manager feature, I can also view and manage all my eBay feedback from one convenient location.

Launch Once Schedule feature is ideal because I have multiple quantities of the same item and I want to have only one listing at a time on the eBay Market.

I use the post-sale links that help me to complete each of the steps in the post-sale process in bulk. These links act as filters to show me only the information I want to take a specific action on, like leave feedback, print shipping labels or send payment reminders.

The services for my accounts include inventory management, merchandise placement on both fixed price and auction marketplaces, customer relationship management and order fulfillment.

With the Auto-Launch Profile feature I can schedule my listings up to the exact day and time to optimize when my items reach the market. After my items have sold, they appear on a Post Sale Summary page, where I can manage all of my Post Sale tasks to fulfill orders quickly and easily.”

Other advantages for Ron are that Vendio is intuitive, easy to use, easy to learn and it’s accessible to everyone.

Business Results

Over the years Ron has used the Vendio features at their maximum potential and has become an eBay Top Rated Plus Seller. Now he has fourteen full-time employees. Using the Vendio listing tools and Create Items page, he is able to sell on multiple marketplaces without having to create a different listing for each marketplace.

“Looking back at the results I was impressed to see the total sales that Vendio has helped me achieve and manage. Image Warehouse is now more than 3 times bigger than the moment I started using Vendio.”

Here’s What Ron Had To Say About His Experience With Vendio

“I’ve been using Vendio for quite some time, I can not remember exactly since when (about from 2000) and I used a variety of versions. Now I’m an eBay Top Rated Plus Seller because of Vendio, which helped me get more sales. So, I needed to find out a way to easily manage my inventory and sales and that’s what Vendio has helped me achieve.”

Ron Encourages Entrepreneurs To Use Vendio And Get Results Every Day Like Him

“If you want your business to grow, if you want to have more sales, if you want to save money, time and have control over your items, there is one thing that you just have to know: Vendio helps you every single step.

Whether you sell 100 items a month or 10,000, Vendio offers you a solution to save you time and money.
Vendio feedback features provide me an easy-to-manage system for organizing and managing eBay feedback. Through its suite of sales management services and full-service asset remarketing solutions, Vendio helps me efficiently promote, sell and distribute my products online by automating and managing every element of the online sales process.”

Ron’s experience shows that Vendio is the best tool small to medium size businesses need in order to manage their online sales effectively and efficiently.

Thank you Ron for being loyal!
The Vendio Team

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