Is Amazon FBA a Good Option for Seasonal Items?

We found this great Vendio blog article from a few years ago and it still relevant today! Take a look for some advice on whether or not to send your seasonal items to Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

Read the full blog article here.

Remember that you can use your Vendio account to keep track of your FBA quantities. To sync Vendio with your Amazon FBA first log in to your Vendio account. Then go to the Channels Preferences page and scroll down to the Amazon section. If your Vendio and Amazon accounts are not yet linked then click the blue “Link My Amazon Account” button and follow the steps. Once you have linked Vendio and Amazon you can check the box for “Enable Vendio to retrieve FBA quantities and update fulfillment data from Amazon” in this same section. Then click “Save & Close” at the bottom of the page and Vendio will be able to keep track of your Amazon FBA quantity for you.


Should you list your Halloween decorations and have Amazon store them for you in November? What about your Holiday decorations in June? Take a look at the below article from Kat Simpson for some fantastic advice.


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The Vendio Team

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