Early Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Are Here

Black Friday


Black Friday & Cyber Monday are almost here and we have a great suggestion to help you fast track your efforts so you can

reach and even exceed your goals in 2018. Are you ready to get more deals?


13 Reasons to Use Vendio Coupons and Sell More on  Black Friday & Cyber Monday:


1. Start offering exclusive deals
2. Keep ahead of your competition
3. Increase your sales volume
4. Start selling faster
5. Drive more prospects
6. Increase your customers’ loyalty
7. Increase the number of new customers
8. Improve your branding and awareness
9. Increase your conversions
10. Reward your current customers
11. Create more opportunities to cross-sell and upsell
12. Save yourself a ton of time
13. Generate new deals


Use Vendio Coupons
Vendio Coupons 

How to Use Coupons on Black Friday or Cyber Monday Promotions?

  1. Automate Coupons – The easiest way to distribute coupons is to automate the process. Discount coupons can be sent automatically by setting automation rule.
  2. Send Coupons Individually – You can also create individual coupons to use with specific buyers only. As your buyers complete their purchase, they will be prompted to enter their coupon code, and the applicable deal will be automatically applied to their order;
  3. Discount Coupon – Drive repeated purchases and customer loyalty by using Vendio’s automated promotions engine to send coupons to existing customers. Send in batches or individually, and set expiration dates and usage parameters;
  4. Create a Custom Coupon Email - You can choose to either edit the pre-created coupon text, or create your own completely unique coupon by using HTML.

These are designed to be ultra actionable so you can put them into practice right away.

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Happy selling!

The Vendio Team

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