Get Ready For The Holiday Selling Season

Get Ready For The Holiday Selling Season

It is past time to be sure you are ready for the Holiday selling season. We’ve prepared a short checklist to make sure you aren’t forgetting some of the basics. This list is by no means complete, but hopefully will help you be sure you are prepared.


Have enough stock on hand to fulfill your orders. If this isn’t your first year as a seller then the chances are you have a good idea of how much you will sell this season. If you aren’t sure, you can always use Vendio Reports to see what you sold last year.


Add that stock to your Vendio inventory. Hopefully you are using the Shared listing strategy so that you can send your entire quantity to all marketplaces on which you sell. It doesn’t help to buy more stock if you don’t transfer those numbers over to your live items. Using the import from CSV File with update mode is an easy way to update your inventory quantities.


Have enough shipping supplies available. Don’t get stuck without enough shipping supplies to get your orders fulfilled. The last thing you want to be doing in December is taking time to get more. If you have enough funds to buy more than you need, remember that you can always use them next year.


picturePlan for more sales than you are expecting. Have a backup plan in case things get really crazy. If your business is just you, see if a family member or friend is willing to help you out if you get overwhelmed. The time to get them some basic training is now. Focus training them on one task – the more time-consuming yet simple the better. If you have a larger business and can’t afford another full-time employee, a temp agency might be a good solution. You’ll want to have one lined up before you need it.


Get your seasonal items listed. If you have seasonal stock collecting dust then this is your opportunity to get rid of it and recoup some profit! If you’ve invested in seasonal stock this year then you’ll want to make sure it gets sold. List those items now. There are already customers shopping for the Holiday season and the market will only grow from now until the end of the year. If it works for your business, you might list the items at a higher price now so that you can offer an attractive sale price later in the season.


Decide when you are going to take your own Holiday. We all deserve a break! Get your own vacation days planned out and post them where appropriate on the marketplaces on which you sell. Get those dates posted now so that it won’t be a surprise to a customer that orders from you in the months to come and then needs to contact you about a return or other issue later. Have a plan in place to monitor for any emergencies that might need your immediate attention while you are enjoying your own holiday.

Introducing Vendio Seller Success Stories

We are collecting Vendio Seller Success stories and you are invited to share your own! If Vendio has helped your business succeed and you would like to be interviewed and included, please send us a message to let us know. Mention that you would like to participate in the Vendio Seller Success stories and include your name, phone number, account username, and a brief description of your company. We can’t guarantee that everyone that contacts us will be interviewed, but we will include as many as possible.

Ron at Imagewarehouse is the subject of the first of these stories. He has been both a PowerSeller on eBay and a Vendio partner since the beginning. Image Warehouse is now more than 3 times bigger than the moment he started using Vendio and now has fourteen employees. You can read the full story here. Thank you Ron for being a Vendio customer.

Join a Vendio Webinar and Use Vendio Services Effectively

Remember that you can find out how to get the most out of Vendio services and use them more effectively by participating in the Vendio webinars. You can find and join currently scheduled webinars, or view previously recorded webinars here.

Need Shipping Supplies?

Want to streamline your fulfillment process and get shipping supplies delivered right to your doorstep? Here you go.

Need Stock & Easy Money?

If you find yourself running low on stock, or want to try selling a new product to see if it’s profitable, then buy some trending lots on eBay and resell them for individual purchase.


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