Vendio 2018 Review


We worked hard in 2018 to improve the Vendio platform. Looking back we can celebrate a highly successful year:

  1. The First Phase Of Integration With Etsy: was released the first phase of Vendio’s integration with Etsy, which allows you to import your Etsy items into Vendio.

  2. Expanded Our Monthly Plan Options With The Topaz Plan: Vendio offers you a whole online business management Plan which can be accessed by $29.95 per month for up to 300 products, 3GB of image storage; the plan is all available selling channels (Amazon, eBay, Etsy import, MoreCommerce, Facebook, your own store, and Mobile). It’s a way for smaller businesses to have a great starting point with low commitment. It’s also an ideal way for small-sized businesses to get to know Vendio.

  3. Ongoing Security Upgrades: We have been making various security upgrades that includes upgrading the Vendio Store service so that it uses https instead of http. This means that your Vendio store is now even more secure than it was before. Rest assured that we are continuing to upgrade our security over time.

  4. Better Notification When Your eBay Token Expires: Changes have been made so that all sellers should now get an email notification when their eBay token expires. When you get a notification letting you know that you need to update your eBay token be sure to do so from within your Vendio account. A valid eBay token allows Vendio to connect to your eBay account and keep your data accurate and current.

  5. Simplified Tax Profiles: Changes were made to tax profiles, which should simplify them and make them easier to use and understand (without removing any functionality).

  6. Now Part Of the MoreCommerce Group: There were some changes to our parent company, including a new name. As part of the MoreCommerce family we have access to tools and resources that we leverage daily to bring you the best service possible.

  7. Increased Ways That You Can Connect With Us Through Social Media: One of the best ways to stay connected and up-to-date on our services is to follow us on one or more social media channels. Please consider connecting with us on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram.

  8. Introduced Vendio Webinars: You can find out how to get the most out of Vendio services and use them more effectively by participating in the Vendio webinars. You can find and join currently scheduled webinars, or view previously recorded webinars here.  Last year we presented a lot of webinars on how Vendio works for new customers. In the coming year we plan on expanding the webinars and other help materials to different areas of our site and the ecommerce business in general. Be sure to read this newsletter each month so that you don’t miss one that you’d like to join.

  9. Tool Tip Changes: We made updates to some tool tips to make them more helpful.

  10. Usability Improvements: We made changes to some pages in improve their usability. This includes changing the look of some fields to make it more obvious how they work.

  11. Updates to Our Integration With eBay: We added the ability to revise some fields in your active eBay listings by just making changes to the Vendio inventory items. We also made updates to accommodate eBay changes, such as the new catalog requirements and removal of active content.

  12. Expanded Our How To Videos to YouTube: Did you know we have How To videos available on YouTube? It’s a great place to get a refresher on any of our tools that you don’t always use, or to find information on a tool that you haven’t used in the past but might find useful. You can find them on the Vendio YouTube channel.

At the beginning of 2019 we plan on completing our integration with Etsy and expanding our services to support even more selling channels! If you have any suggestions for improvements that you would like to see us make please let us know.

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The Vendio Team


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