The Best Vendio Pizza Recipe


Pizza international day vendio 2019


Have you ever thought about your business as a recipe? Have you ever noticed that if you’re not giving it the necessary attention, detail, and ingredients to prosper then things don’t turn out well? On February 9th is National Pizza Day, where we celebrate great pizza that has been given the attention and care needed for it to succeed. Like a good pizza, your business also needs a recipe for success. So, let’s begin.


  1. First on the list is a good internet connection to get to all the data you need. It is like going to the market. If you don’t have one, you can’t share your products with others or see what they have to offer..

  2. Second, you need a good, clean computer for your workspace. I like to think of it as the shelf where you place your products in the pizza shop (or connect to the internet).

  3. Your Vendio account is also important. This is how you get your pizza to the markets where you sell.

  4. Then you need your Marketplace accounts, so that buyers can see your pizza in the window as they walk by. And so they can walk in and buy it.

  5. And last but not least, some of the most important ingredients are the product details. People like knowing what they buy, what they can do with it, and how is it different from the same product sold by another seller. These are details that matter, the ones that make a difference and that can bring you to the top of your business, making you one of the most successful sellers.


Ok, now that we have the list of ingredients, we also need to know what to do with them. Well, after mixing them, we turn them into a good, elastic, tasty dough that consists of MoreCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping and your own Store. These are the platforms that you can use to exhibit your products, where you can let people know that you’re selling and what you’re selling. Where you can turn an idea into a great success that can boost your income and expose your products to the world. It is the place where you can climb the ladder and be who you always wanted to be.


And in the end, topping is the one that makes a good pizza, regardless if you’re a pepperoni, onion, barbecue sauce or tomato person. So your business also needs a looooot of toppings (and I say A LOT) made of  passion, motivation, innovation, self determination and confidence. The more the better. In business there is never too much topping, so take your best shot, and bring out all that you have to the table. This is what guarantees success.


Ok, now we know what we need and what we can do with what we have, but you might wonder: “How do I do this? How do I turn all those ingredients, toppings, dough…wait what?” Well yes, there is more.

  1. First, import the product details or enter them manually.

  2. Then, choose where you want to sell those products. Whether it is MoreCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping or your own Store, just name your option and we’ll give you the solution.

  3. And the last step in your road toward success is to track all aspects of your sales including coupons and discounts, payment and shipping.


These are just some of our ideas about what it takes to run a great business, but you are always welcome to add anything you believe it is worth applying. In the end, your choices are what make you unique, what attracts your clients to you and not to the competition. So, what will your pizza look like?

Happy International Pizza Day!



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