The first Tool to Sell Handmade Products is here!


For quite a while now we, the people at Vendio, had a courageous dream of offering an original service dedicated to Handmade sellers. This came from an older passion of ours that became a plan, and with the help of a handful of programmers, after adding many hours of brainstorming and market studies, it turned into reality.


Yes, you’re hearing it right! It is live and ready for you to use to grow and expand your handmade business – the Vendio Tool to Sell Handmade Products!


Just in time to catch the beginning of the last quarter of 2019, Vendio engaged into a new adventure, a handmade adventure, a terrain less touched by 3rd party tools. We feel there is room to make things easier and better for handmade sellers. We feel this tool can help them manage and grow their online businesses and we are committed to making it do so.


What can you do using this tool? You can now easily launch to Amazon Handmade. And this is not all. We made this tool to be fully compatible with Etsy. If you are an Etsy seller you can now easily launch and sell your products directly to Amazon Handmade with no effort, following some easy steps. The tool does all the hard work for you: it automatically translates an Etsy listing into an Amazon Handmade ready product and you can only press the Publish button to see your listings available to new buyers. It’s both good looking and smart (of course, it’s our baby ) and most importantly, it is super easy to use.


What do you need in order to start? It’s simple: link your Etsy seller account to import the Etsy products, link your Amazon Handmade seller account, install a browser add-on and now you’re ready to go. All your Etsy products will be published at Amazon Handmade.


If you’re wondering if there are other channels available for you to sell your products, the answer is yes. Vendio is a specialized tool for selling on eBay, Amazon, your own store and Facebook. With the launch of the Vendio Handmade Selling Tool, Amazon Handmade and Etsy (beta) are available.


How much does it cost? To access the tool, the Vendio user can find it in their account. It is available for new users as well, after creating a Vendio account, for a price starting at only $19.95/month. Vendio also offers a free 14 day trial period where you can try all these features, with a limited functionality.


What’s next? Glad you asked  This tool is just at its first phase. We already have big plans and other great ideas to make it even more powerful and more useful for your handmade business. Full Etsy support is the next milestone, soon to be followed by other productivity features.

Did we catch your interest? Are you ready to try our tool? Then start here and take it for a ride. Let us know what you think. Thanks! 



The Vendio team

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