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The Future Looks Bright for Amazon Sellers

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

    There is a rather strange difference when you compare Amazon and eBay. When people talk about buying on eBay, they are usually referring to buying something from one of its sellers. When people talk about buying on Amazon, however, there is usually no distinction between third-party sellers and buying directly from Amazon itself. While [...]

Amazon Faces Lawsuit From Small Online Sellers

Monday, March 25th, 2013

    It looks like is in hot water again after a lawsuit was filed against them in the U.S. District Court in Seattle last week (March 15th, 2013). The Seattle Times is reporting that a group of small online merchants have filed the class-action lawsuit, claiming that Amazon is violating its own terms, as [...]

Amazon’s Inbound Compliance Report Just Got Easier

Friday, March 15th, 2013

As any experienced FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller probably knows, the Inbound Compliance report provides information about the inventory that they have shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center. If there is a problem when the shipment arrives at the fulfillment center, Amazon sends an email to the seller and flags the problem in the “Shipping Queue” [...]

Amazon Fee Increase for Media Categories

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Riding in on the coattails of the recent postal rate hikes and the increase in FBA fees, Amazon recently announced that they plan to increase fees in some of the the media categories starting in April. This will push the Variable Closing fee for Music, Video, and DVD products from $0.80 to $1.35 – an [...]

New Tax Responsibilities for FBA Sellers

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Remember last year when Amazon sent out the letters informing FBA sellers that they might have to split and ship their inventory to multiple warehouses? Well, fast forward  to a year later and we are starting to see some of the fallout from this decision. Merchant-services vendor Outright is warning FBA sellers that they have [...]

Three Amazon reports every seller should check

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Most Amazon sellers are unaware of the vast amount of amazing reports that are available to help you understand and grow your Amazon business. There are more than I can count on both hands and feet already and it seems Amazon adds a few each month, as almost every time I go to the reports [...]

Amazon Makes International Sales a Breeze

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

For those of you who have always wanted to sell in Japan, but couldn’t because of the language barrier, or simply because of the expense involved with customs and international shipping, your time has come! As announced in Amazon’s FBA January newsletter, they have rolled out several changes which affect international selling. Sellers can now [...]