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Learn how to edit an existing template by reading our Vendio Stores Editor Help or eBay Templates Help.

Work with a Design Partner

Looking for a Store or eBay template design that is completely unique to your brand and items? Find a design partner today.

Write Your Own Code

Got the technical chops to write your own code? Read the tutorial or check out the technical specifications on writing your own Vendio Store Template.

Looking for Inspiration? Browse real stores in the Vendio Stores Directory

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LucidCircus, an award winning global interactive production studio. With over 15 years experience we can offer you branding, design, development, marketing and SEO for your Vendio store. From concept to launch we can implement your brand throughout all of your eCommerce platforms including eBay and Amazon.


[email protected]
Forix Web Design [email protected] 800-818-2361

Let our seasoned designers create a beautiful and sales-oriented design for your Vendio storefront. Forix can perfect your site's user experience, resulting in higher sales and increased customer retention.  (Portland, OR)

Please contact us to learn how to become a Vendio design partner.

Technical Specifications

Vendio API

The Vendio Stores API is a standalone interface over the seller's store data that can be used with any store
front end (such as an online store, a desktop widget or a mobile application). The API uses industry standard XML and HTTP technologies to enable any type of application to retrieve and display the store data

Download the API Reference

WebDAV Access

To ease the work of template designers and demanding store owners, we're offering total control over your template files, right from your desktop! Store templates can be precisely edited at file level using WebDAV technology.

Download the WebDav Reference

Realy Simple Technology (RST) Language

The Really Simple Templates language (RST) is a powerful, yet extremely simple markup language that enables sellers to instantly integrate their store data in their store templates. The language was designed
with simplicity in mind and it's light and intuitive, so that any template designer can start writing a Vendio
Stores template without any prior knowledge or programming skills.

Download the Template Language Reference

RST Pocket guide

The RST pocket guide contains condensed information explained at large in the Template Language Reference.

Download the RST Pocket Guide

Sample Templates

We have prepared three sample templates for you to understand and produce new templates:

Download a fully functional sample template, modify it and upload it to your store to see how it looks. Download the basic sample template
This is the most comprehensive template, which includes full compatibility with other templates and all
editable features via the Stores Editor.
Download the fully editable sample template
This template is not editable via the Stores Editor, but is fully compatible with other Vendio templates. Download the compatible sample template
This template is the simplest Vendio Stores template possible. While it's not suitable for showcasing
through the Store Manager template slider, it's a perfect model for building unique custom templates.
Download the minimal sample template