How to Select a Domain: Education & Training

How to Select a Domain for Your Store

Video Transcript

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    Welcome to domains for your Vendio store
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    The first question to ask is should you have a domain. On the pro side, having a domain allows you to have a branded URL. Having a domain gives you credibility and domains increase your visibility. On the con side, domains need to be hosted (this is included for Vendio stores). Domains need to be purchased. A free domain is provided with the "get it all" plan. Domains need to be renewed yearly or they expire.
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    How do domains work with Vendio stores? There are four options for your domain: You can purchase a domain from Vendio. You can host your domain with us. You can install a redirect file or you can use a domain.
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    You can register a new domain under store, name and domain. Renewals are automatically taken care of and your account billed the $12.95 yearly renewal fee. Suggested domain names are also provided, however, you can choose any available domain.
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    If you already have a domain, you have two options. You can host the domain with Vendio. To do so, just contact customer support to transfer your domain and there is no charge to release your domain back to you. If your domain is already hosted, you can follow the simple instructions to install the store on your own domain.
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    If you don't have a domain, or don't want a domain, you can create a name for your store and the URL will be
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    Thank you for viewing domains for your Vendio store. If you have any additional questions, please click on the contact us link on our home page. If you are logged in, you can simply click on the help link.