Vendio vs Inkfrog vs Auctiva — A Comparison of Auctiva Alternatives

Vendio is a robust ecommerce solution provider. Through Vendio you can sell on a 100% free online store, eBay, Amazon,, Shopzilla, and Google. As your business grows and diversifies, we will be able to support your needs. Vendio's Basic Bundle gives you a completely 100% free online store that you can use all by itself. On top of this, we will provide you with all the templates you need for your store and eBay. Also, you will not have to worry about managing different sales channels from different solutions, you can do it all through Vendio. Please see below for a chart comparing Auctiva vs. Inkfrog vs. Vendio.

Vendio vs. Auctiva vs. Inkfrog Comparison Chart

eBay Store
eBay Motors
Multiple eBay ID Support  
One Page Lister
Find and Replace Editing  
Basic Scheduling
Add Images Inline  
Advanced Scheduling    
HTML Editor
Best Offer Support  
Second Chance Offer Support  
Giving Works Support  
Customizable Templates
Consignment Support  
Auto Delete and Manage Images  
Inventory Management
Advanced Inventory Management    
eBay Refund Process Support    
Order Management
Create New Orders on the fly    
Add to existing Orders    
Automated Post Sale Emails
Customizable Post Sale Emails
Cancel Order updates inventory    
Federal Express Supported    
Scrolling Gallery
eBay Store Items in Gallery    
Online Store
Cost FREE $9.95+ $9.95
Unlimited Free Images for Store    
Unlimited Items, Categories and Subcategories    
Drop and Drag Customization    
Google Analytics    
Built in SEO Optimization    
Fully Customiable WYSIWYG    
Store Gallery Widget for Placement Anywhere    
Additional Applications
Research (eBay Market)    
eBay What's Hot    
eBay Sales Analyzer    
Counters for eBay
Web Counters for Anywhere    

Vendio vs Auctiva vs Inkfrog - Summary

Hopefully you can see from above that Vendio is a great choice if you are looking for an alternative to Inkfrog or an alternative to Auctiva. Our listing form is a superb alternative to Auctiva and Inkfrog because of its increased functionality and ease of use. The same can be said of our inventory management when comparing Vendio vs Inkfrog vs Auctiva. Our feature rich online store is great by itself, but when you factor in that it's 100% free with the Basic Bundle, it's even better. There is no Auctiva alternative or Inkfrog alternative for that! We also provide you with the opportunity to leverage eBay market research and analytics to increase your sell through rate and the final value of your items. Again, Auctiva and Inkfrog don't offer any of this functionality. All these reasons and more make Vendio a great Auctiva alternative and Inkfrog alternative.