How To Use

From your Sales Manager control panel, click on the row of numbers next to each auction to access the Post-sale checklist.

1. Winning Bidder Notification (WBN)
2. Checkout Completed
3. Payment Received
4. Postage / Address Printed
5. Item Shipped
6. Shipment Status Sent to Buyer
7. Feedback Sent
8. Shipment Arrived
9. Feedback Received

Post-Sale Checklist

Step 1: Winning Bidder Notification (WBN)

  • Click 'edit' to customize your Winning Bidder Notification and to fill out tax, shipping, and payment options that will be presented during checkout.
  • Click 'email WBN to winner' to send email to the winning bidder. This Winning Bidder Notification email contains a customized message and a link to your checkout page. The winning bidder can fill out tax, shipping, and payment preferences in the checkout process.
  • Click 'preview' to see how the customized WBN and checkout will look to the buyer.
  • Click 'Settings' to establish all of your standard shipping and payment preferences once.
  • Click 'one click send' to automatically notify the winning bidder of your standard preferences.

Step 2: Checkout Completed
After the winner fills out the tax, shipping, and payment preferences , the information will be sent back to you. The number 2 will turn blue, and a check mark will appear automatically when the winning bidder completes checkout.

Step 3: Payment Received
Once you have received payment, click on the check box to keep track of winners who have paid you.

Step 4: Postage / Address Printed

  • Monitor packing slip and postage printing and shipping insurance.
  • Vendio creates a customized packing slip and invoice based on the buyer's selections during checkout. Click 'print packing slip' to display the customized packing slip, and use the print command on your web browser to print a copy.
  • 'Print postage' takes you to In the near future, we will automate the postage printing process for you.
  • 'Insure item' takes you to U-pic, our discount parcel insurance partner.

Step 5: Item Shipped
Once the item has been shipped, enter the tracking number once. Both you and your buyer can track the shipping status of the item with one click. Just click 'view shipment status.' Click on 'price it' to find the best, most economical shipping provider for your needs.

Step 6: Shipment Status Sent to Buyer

  • Click 'edit' to view or change the automatic message that will notify the buyer about shipment.
  • Customize the message at 'edit default.' Your text will be saved for future auctions for one-click sending.
  • Click 'preview' to view the final message.
  • Click 'send now' when you are finished.

Step 7: Feedback Sent
Once the transaction is complete, you may send feedback to the auction host. Select the type (positive, negative, neutral for eBay) along with a preset comment or custom comment. Click 'submit' to send the feedback. You can edit your preset feedback comments at 'edit comments.'

Step 8: Shipment Arrived
Keep track of the arrival of shipped items. Track the status of the package by clicking 'view shipment status.' Indicate that it was received by clicking the check box.

Step 9: Feedback Received
Keep track of whether the buyer has sent return feedback. You will need to access your feedback account on the auction site to know if feedback was sent. If you have received feedback, click on the check box to indicate it has been received. If feedback has not been sent in a timely manner, you can send a customized reminder to the buyer by clicking 'edit' or 'preview.' Once you are comfortable with the customized feedback reminder message, you will want to use the '1 click reminder' button to send future reminders quickly.

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