How to Use

Here's a step-by-step guide to using Vendio Reviser.

Making Automatic Revisions with Auto-Revise
  • About Auto-Reviser
  • Setting up Auto-Revise Rules
  • Activating Auto-Revise Rules
  • Deactivating Auto-Revise Rules
  • An Illustrated Example of an Auto-Revise Rule

    Making Single Revisions with Find & Revise

  • About Find & Revise
  • Making Single Revisions to Items using Find & Revise
  • An Illustrated Example of Find & Revise

    Making Revisions with the Bulk Reviser

  • About the Bulk Reviser
  • Making Bulk Revisions to Items with the Bulk Reviser

    Monitoring the Status of Revisions

  • Understanding the Action Keys
  • Viewing the Revision History of Items