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Backing Up Your Site
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About Backup
You can backup your entire web site, or particular settings and files. This is helpful to restore your site if your computer crashes, or your own backup files are destroyed. Vendio automatically backs up your files daily. You should download backups often to save your changes and to protect yourself from losing work. In the event of a system crash, your backups will help you recover your site relatively easily.

Generating Backup Files
After you have made changes to your site, you can generate a backup, which you can then download to your computer. This is helpful if you don’t want to wait until the daily backup before saving a backup of your changes.
Downloading Backup Files
Before you can download a full backup, you must generate it first. See the Generating Backup Files section above to learn how. Note: If you are downloading a full backup, click on ‘Generate/Download a Full Backup’, then click on any previously generated backup.

Restoring a Website from a Backup
If you have previously downloaded a backup of your site, you can easily restore your site by following these steps: