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Managing FTP Accounts Using FTP Manager
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About FTP Manager
FTP Manager allows you to create and manage FTP accounts, as well as manage FTP sessions, in which you can upload and download your files. FTP is the recommended way to upload files to our server. You can create as many FTP accounts as you like, each of which have a unique login and password. You can assign different users to FTP accounts or allow certain users access to all FTP accounts. To get familiar with the FTP Manager, please see the related topics:

Creating New FTP Accounts

Deleting FTP Accounts

Changing Passwords for FTP Accounts

Setting up Anonymous FTP Access
Anonymous FTP access allows anyone to access your public_ftp folder from any location. This setting is useful if you want people to upload, download, view, or delete files from your public FTP site. To set up anonymous FTP access, follow these steps:
Setting up an Anonymous FTP Message
If you want to display a message that welcomes users after they log into your FTP site, you can add customized text (i.e. copyright notices, warnings, or instructions) by following these steps:
Setting FTP Session Control
This function allows you to disconnect, or timeout users if they have had access to your public FTP site for a period of time, or if you want to stop unwanted FTP activity. To disconnect users, follow these steps: