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Resources for Building Your Website
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Free Services
There are many ways to get your website up and running. You can use free resources readily available on the web, or more advanced software that offers the capability to build a more comprehensive website. You may also want to hire a designer who can provide a wide range of consultancy services.

HTML — Kit
HTML Kit is a full-featured text editor designed to help HTML, XML, and script authors to edit, format, validate, preview, and publish Web pages. Newcomers to HTML coding can benefit from the program's error-catching abilities. Experts can save time spent on common tasks, using the customizable and extendible editor, while maintaining full control over the code.

Mozilla Composer
Mozilla Composer comes bundled with the Mozilla web browser. You can quickly code web pages with an easy to use interface similar to that of a word processor. Mozilla Composer is one of the few WYSIWYG editors that is still being improved and maintained.

Trellian Webpage
Create your own web pages without having to learn complex scripting languages. WebPage's WYSIWYG interface makes editing pages as easy as using your favorite word processor.

Amaya comes equipped with a WYSIWYG style of interface, similar to that of the most popular commercial browsers. Consequently, users do not need to know the HTML or CSS languages to build attractive web pages.

Other Services
Microsoft's FrontPage (free with many computers, or about $200)
FrontPage 2003 offers the ability to produce attractive and professional websites that are dynamic and interactive.

Macromedia Dreamweaver (about $400)
Dreamweaver offers comprehensive tools for web designers and developers to create and manage any website.

Abobe GoLive CS (about $400)
GoLive offers a creative web design environment and powerful tools to help maximize productivity and create professional websites.

Books in Print

Consultancy Services
If you donít have the time to learn web design, or you would like to publish your website quickly, your best option may be to hire a design firm or consultant to build your website for you. Depending on the complexity of your site, these services can range in price. Some resources include: