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Streamlining FTP Operations
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Using FTP Programs

FTP programs are more robust than FTP Manager, allowing you to transfer files from a remote computer across the Internet much easier. FTP programs are generally more flexible than FTP Manager, allowing you to automatically restart interrupted transfers, schedule file transfers for later, transfer multiple files at once, synchronize folders, monitor and identify changed files, record FTP sessions, customize the look of your file sessions, and much more.

Available FTP Programs

FileZilla is an FTP program for file upload and download to your FTP site, FTP server, or FTP host. FileZilla lets you transfer files and navigate among folders, Web sites, and your computer.

CuteFTP ($39.99)
CuteFTP Home is a software tool for transferring files between your PC and a remote computer anywhere on the Internet using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), the standard for transferring files of any type or size, online.

WS_FTP ($34.95)
Easily and securely transfer files between your home and office and to and from customers, clients or vendors.