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Using Subdomains
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About Subdomains
Subdomains, also known as "third level" domains, allow you to create unique and memorable URLs for your site. For example, you can set up, or, as a subdomain of Businesses often use subdomains to direct visitors to unique product lines, or separate and distinct areas of a website. Note that when you create a subdomain, you will still manage it through the same CPanel.

Creating Subdomains

Deleting Subdomains

Redirecting Subdomains
Once you have created a subdomain, you can redirect it to any URL that you want. For example, if you have moved the pages that made up your subdomain to another URL, you can easily redirect visitors to that URL where the files are located. To redirect a subdomain, please follow these steps:
Removing Redirected Subdomains
If you want to remove a redirected subdomain, follow these steps: