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Using Webmail
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Accessing Webmail
After you have created an email account(s), you can use Webmail to send and receive email. See Creating an Email Account if you do not have one set up. To access Webmail, follow these steps:
Composing Emails

Creating Folders
Folders will help you organize emails efficiently so you can find them quickly later on. You can create as many folders as you need, or create subfolders for more efficient organization of incoming emails. To create a folder, follow these steps: Note: To make a subfolder of an existing folder, select an existing folder from the dropdown menu before you click Create.

Adding Contacts to Your Address Book
The address book allows you to store personal contacts or customers into a database that you can access later on. Before composing a message, you can easily search your database for a contact(s) and add them to your send list. To add contacts or customers to your address book, follow these steps:
Enabling Spam Filters