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posted on May 25, 2008 05:48:17 AM new
I see a lot of "free shipping" now being offered by a few ebay sellers, and low shipping costs and free shipping being pushed by ebay. Don't do it, it is a sucker trap!!!!!

See, if you offer an item for $8 selling and $8 shipping, you pay the ebay fee on only $8

If you offer the item for $16 and free shipping, you pay an ebay fee on $16. Nice, you offer free shipping, and ebay makes twice the seller fees off of you.

Just remember what is happening when ebay is pushing "free shipping", that they are the ones who pick up the money.


posted on May 25, 2008 07:57:33 AM new
But if you sell the $16 item and not the $8, you're ahead of the game, which is to sell, make money, and not agonize whether eBay gets another 41c or not ...

posted on May 25, 2008 08:00:55 AM new
Well said, Birgittaw. Neglus was running a test to see if her listings would get better visibility with free shipping. Then eBay came along with the promo which I fear may ruin her test.
posted on May 25, 2008 08:22:38 AM new
talk about NO SPIKE in the auction counts....doesn't even hint of a listing sale...eBay may be forced to pull a backup one for next week...this one was a fubar

posted on May 25, 2008 09:03:56 AM new
Bidville will be shut down in June,so would the Bidville sellers come to Ebay?
Many are ex Ebay sellers.
Google does not hire stupid people.
posted on May 25, 2008 11:10:05 AM new
ebay suckers you to use "free shipping"

yep, and also suckers us to to things we don't want to do just because of the way they are doing things now

We never know what tomorrow will bring when it comes to selling here on Ebay.


posted on May 25, 2008 07:48:18 PM new
I will offer it on some listings,I think it does bring a lot more page views. I have a lot to list this week so maybe it will help get a few extra bids.

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