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posted on December 24, 2008 08:21:09 AM new
I had a coffee cup on ebay that the final bid went for over $140.00. After the auction ended I get this message:

Hi. We are the official partner of eBay Group, and introducing eBay items to Japan on our website (sekaimon.com). Our bid is automatically made on behalf of our customers. Since its scale and variety is so broad, we appreciate for your kind support as follows;
1. Payment
We pay to you in 24 hours after the end of auction, basically. However, those items ends on Friday or Saturday is processed on Sunday or Monday. Please understand that we only make payment via PayPal in partnership with eBay/PayPal.
2. Shipping
When you ship the item, please put your item ID 190274254535 at the side of package or on the shipping label. Just in your handwriting is fine. It is used in our operation in warehouse in CA. When you have completed your shipping, please inform us from the form below, then we will complete sending the POSITIVE FEEDBACK and DSR asap.
Thank you.
Shop Airlines, Ltd

Personally, I don't care who pays for it as long as it is legitimate, but I have never seen this before. Anyone have experience with this???

posted on December 24, 2008 08:27:36 AM new
Yahoo Japan Deal May Help Boost eBay.com Sales
By Ina Steiner
December 16, 2007

eBay sellers who heard about the new deal between eBay and Yahoo Japan may be wondering how it affects them. The deal kicked off with the launch of the Sekaimon.com website, which allows Japanese consumers to buy from eBay.com. More buyers sounds good, but international shipping & handling and customer-service issues can complicate sellers' business operations. Here's the lowdown from the perspective of sellers on eBay.com.

Sekaimon (www.sekaimon.com) provides proxy buyer services to enable Japanese consumers to browse and buy items listed on eBay.com. Sekaimon, which means "global shopping" in Japanese, was developed by Shop Airlines, a subsidiary of netprice.com Ltd. The Sekaimon site translates all listings into Japanese.

Shop Airlines will manage and operate the Sekaimon site and will host a customer service function to assist US sellers. The company will facilitate all payments, shipping and customs clearance on behalf of Japanese buyers. Yahoo Japan users can access the service and shop for items on the eBay U.S. site by using their existing Yahoo Japan IDs.

US sellers need not worry about international shipping or language issues. Shop Airlines will instruct sellers to ship items to US locations where it will handle customs and additional requirements before sending them directly to the buyer in Japan. In effect, the seller is dealing with Shop Airlines, not the individual buyer in Japan.

PayPal will be the default payment option for all international purchases that Shop Airlines facilitates through Sekaimon.com. So sellers and Shop Airlines will be protected by PayPal's buyer protection program up to $2,000, according to eBay spokesperson Jose Mallabo.

Shop Airlines will pay sellers on behalf of Japanese buyers, and the buyers pay all of Shop Airlines fees. ShopAirlines and eBay sellers will leave each other feedback.

It seems the next step in the eBay-Yahoo partnership could be a proxy buying service for US consumers who want to shop on Yahoo Japan. Elaine Gross Russell, who wrote an AuctionBytes Collector's Corner article on the topic of vintage magazines 2 years ago, does public relations for one such business. Rinkya.com is an independent website started by Heather Russell, who had launched a business selling Anime products such as Animation cels, dolls, books and games. She launched Rinkya.com when she realized an English-language proxy bidding service would be attractive to worldwide buyers and Japanese sellers alike, and Elaine said the business is thriving.

It is not surprising entrepreneurs and corporations alike are exploring cross-border trading opportunities. If it makes buyers' and sellers' lives easier, no doubt both sides will welcome such services.

posted on December 24, 2008 10:38:10 AM new
Thanks for the info.

Here is the thing... I received the email on Sunday, immediately after the auction ended. In the email it states they pay within 24 hours. It is now Wednesday, and they have not paid for the item. I'm not so concerned about the delay in payment if they are going to pay for the item.

The issue I have is whether they will pay for the item, and what happens if they don't pay for it. Is their payment based on whether their buyer in Japan pays? If the buyer in Japan doesn't pay and I file a NPB complaint, will that affect sekaimon's ability to bid on other auctions? Are they being treated like any other buyer, or do they get special treatment by ebay and if they don't pay people it will never affect their ability to bid on other items?

posted on December 24, 2008 10:45:12 AM new
We have had a few of those and had no problems. Paypal may still be processing the payment.

posted on December 24, 2008 03:51:07 PM new
ebay has been unable to compete with Yahoo Auctions Japan


posted on December 24, 2008 06:55:54 PM new
YOU dont get paid until its Japanese customer pays them.
As for bad feedback,let them worry about it
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posted on December 24, 2008 07:25:31 PM new
they paid this evening. as i said before, i wasn't so concerned about payment as much as i was wondering how ebay is handling companies like this if they don't pay. obviously a company this size can easily let something slip through the cracks and not pay a seller. i was wondering if they go by the same policies as the rest of us. we all probably assume so, but i have my doubts.

posted on December 25, 2008 02:42:34 AM new
I have had several of these transactions, all over $100 each and have had absolutely no problems. Prompt payment and positive feedback left on receipt of item. All my transactions should be this smooth.
posted on December 25, 2008 06:43:59 AM new
I dont understand why you think Ebay would treat it any different than an individual bidder?
Are you suggesting that the 3 strikes you are out policy for non payment should be amplifed many times for these bidders since they bidded more and bidded for others,say 300 strikes and then they are out?
if this Japanese company which placed bids for its members cant keep track of what it is doing on Ebay or cant get its members to pay,then it would have to go back to the drawing board and review and revise its policy.
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posted on December 25, 2008 01:16:22 PM new
I'm not saying that should be the case, but rather that I am concerned that may be the case.

I just find it perplexing that a company would guarantee payment on behalf of their customers. I don't care if their customer pays or not... all I care about is that I get paid and receive good feedback accordingly when I uphold my end of the sale. I am all for this system to work if it works... I'm just skeptical that the silver lining isn't so silver.

posted on December 25, 2008 05:22:24 PM new
good point!Knowing how the Japanese system works,they will prepay for their clients and then gently prod them to pay BACK.
The last resort would be turning the debt over to the underground collectors who would turn these deadbeats into dishes of sashimi and toppings for rock and roll sushi on rice!
Economic Reform act of Chairman Obama of the socialist States of America :
10 ounces of meat per month,half a yard of cotton per year per adult.
posted on December 29, 2008 08:20:05 AM new
I think I have dealt with this buyer before - the problem is they sometimes lose the package in their warehouse and file a Paypal claim for it - so make sure you write the Ebay number on the package and use delivery confirmation. They are a pain in the butt, but they place decent bids and pay, better than most of my custommers recently.
posted on April 30, 2009 04:06:47 AM new
Shipped yesterday ups tracking # 1Z7937270348858117
put 140315490548 on box side
antique squash pipe
Thanks Tim Nester

posted on April 30, 2009 05:05:59 AM new
I've done business with this company for low priced postcards! I wonder what kind of commission they are getting for the service??

posted on April 30, 2009 09:57:50 AM new

posted on May 1, 2009 05:12:07 PM new
Back from the dead! I saw the title and was like, "Hey! that happened to me."

posted on May 1, 2009 07:24:51 PM new
There is a Japanese co which will proxy bid for you on Yahoo auction,I dont remember the exact fee,but it is like 10-15%
Economic Reform act of Chairman Obama of the socialist States of America :
10 ounces of meat per month,half a yard of cotton per year per adult.
posted on May 1, 2009 10:10:42 PM new
I didn't even look at the date ... but kinda remembered that it had been discussed before.

posted on May 2, 2009 09:16:31 AM new
Shag, was it a Fire King mug? Starbucks city?

posted on May 2, 2009 12:28:51 PM new
It was a Fire King. It was green, with "Bullfrog Marina & Resort" and a green frog logo. Apparently, the frog is a symbol of fertility and good fortune in Japan and to put the icing on the cake, Fire King is huge in Japan.

posted on May 2, 2009 01:21:59 PM new
Yes, they do love their Fire King. I sent a couple of Peanuts FK mugs to Japan and am always looking for more when I go thrifting.

posted on May 2, 2009 04:01:54 PM new
We used to mention in all our international eBay listings that customers in Japan could pay direct into our Japanese bank account; same for Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese customers with payments into local bank accounts. Takes usually a few hours for the credit to arrive and includes sender's name plus optional reference.

We now only bother mentioning it in our end of auction message since eBay USA CS reps are unfamiliar with standard non-USA electronic payment methods like bank transfers, or EFTs, etc. Fortunately international bidders are well aware how convenient and safe they are, since they use them almost daily. They are often 3-4 days faster than bank-funded PayPal transfers, since many international customers don't have credit cards or carry a PayPal balance.

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posted on June 19, 2012 10:09:31 AM new
do not sell to these buyers, they will open cases with ebay and return broken goods. they are NOT to be trusted.

posted on June 23, 2012 04:48:16 AM new
I have sold several old ads with out problems to this outfit and there is another one called Flight something or other, again with out issue.

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