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posted on September 23, 2012 08:07:46 PM new
Got this letter from Ebay, yes, really from Ebay:

"Hello ...,

Unfortunately, we had to cancel bids and purchases for the following buyer because they're no longer registered on eBay:


In these types of situations, we'll credit the final value fee for removed listings won by this buyer, and also the insertion fee if it was a single-quantity listing.

We also recommend you take the following actions:
-- If you haven't received payment, don't complete the sale or send the item to the buyer.
-- Don't communicate with the buyer directly.
-- Verify any payments you've been notified of by logging in to your PayPal account (or other online payment service).
-- If the buyer requests refunds or additional payments, don't send any money without contacting eBay first.
-- If you've already sent the item, try contacting the shipping carrier to find out if you can stop shipment.

These situations rarely happen, and we encourage you to relist your item. To learn how, go to: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/relist.html

--Selling tip--
To help you avoid this situation in the future, consider setting a Buy It Now price and requiring buyers to make an immediate payment. For more information on immediate payments, go to:

If you have any concerns or questions, click "Customer Support" at the top of most eBay pages.

We're sorry for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.



Please don't reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn't accept incoming email."

Notice the advice to relist the item!! remember I did nothing wrong. I got a notice that this item was sold, but for some reason Ebay suspended this person or whatever right after the item ended. I am not questioning that, but... The item no longer exists!!I first thought this was a scam even though my name etc, was included because I could not pull up the item using the item #!! Vanished, caput. Now tell me ladies & gentleman, how can I easily relist it when it is gone, gone, gone from Ebay's data base???

Sure, I can recreate it, but why should I have to?? I should just be able to relist it. But I can't because it has disappeared. Does this make sense?? Who are the geniuses running this company??

posted on September 24, 2012 09:13:36 AM new
Of course, if you used Vendio you can relist it from there?? I think you have to find it and then copy it or something but it can be done.

I had a friend that had a similar problem. She sold an item - the winner didn't pay. She did a second chance to the next high bidder which they didn't take. When she tried to relist - there was no option so she had to redo the whole listing.
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posted on September 24, 2012 10:13:41 AM new
Why dont you call Ebay?
this is disturbing,say you have a store and the buyer bought 10 items and got suspended and now you have to relist ten items from scratch??
did you check my Ebay,my account to see if there is any trace of the listing?

posted on September 24, 2012 11:50:50 AM new
Lost: I considered calling Ebay, but their answers are usually useless. I still might if I am bored enough.

I looked on MyEbay, nope, auction had vanished from the face of Ebay. The only way I figured out what the auction was & that it was not a scam was they had just before this cancellation email reached me, sent me an end of auction email that had the buyer's name & item #.

I even looked up completed auctions under the buyer's name & he/ she had one other item, but not this one. It had vanished!!

I'm telling you this is stupid. There was nothing wrong with my listing, so why am I being punished by having the item treated like it never existed??

posted on September 24, 2012 03:44:38 PM new
it is not you,it is the bidder,they just dont want to show her activities.
Why dont you talk to Ebay,they should let the seller keeps her listing.
Back when they were suspending sellers left and right,all the active listings of suspended sellers are gone and when the seller was reinstated,she has to relist them from scratch.

posted on September 25, 2012 07:52:03 PM new
Did you look in the "unsold" items section of My Ebay or your Selling Manager?

I am so glad to use an outside App for my Mac to list items. It has been so useful to relist, make corrections, and even go back and pull an item from the list even after 2 years ago to get all of the details if I find the same item again. Perfect? No, but excellent.

posted on September 26, 2012 05:36:43 AM new
eBay pulled this bidder for a reason which we can only guess it.eBay would need the transaction data involving this person. The way to keep that whole would be to require sellers to relist and have there items assigned a new item number.
posted on September 26, 2012 07:40:34 AM new
I am surprised no seller has complained to Ebay.
Last Xmas,I sold an expensive item $1k to a buyer and I shipped the item same day.
The next day I was informed by Paypal not to ship,well it is too late.
Ebay did not say anything,but I found out when his account was suspended by Ebay.
Now the listing is gone,what if the seller wants to write this off as a loss on her tax return or file for insurance if eligible for insurance claim,but with Ebay removing the item,how do you prove you have sold an item on Ebay??

posted on September 26, 2012 07:42:04 AM new
Looked under unsold, nothing!!

I am not questioning why they pulled the bidder. I am sure they had their reasons, but why obliterate my auction?? Makes no sense. They could have just cancelled his / her bid.

Even though they did it after the item closed, why wipe the auction off the face of the earth?? Just erase his / her bid & let me relist without reinventing the wheel.

This item was with another vendor, so I can relist if I want to, but that is not the point, why does their letter encourage me to relist but make it very, very difficult??

posted on September 27, 2012 08:16:32 AM new
Here's how SUPER STUPID Ebay is: I forwarded the original email to spoof since I could not find the item # anywhere, I thought it was a spoof even though my name was included. As you know, I discovered it was a real email & my item was cancelled due to buyer's suspension.

Now I get this "response" from Ebay that it probably was NOT sent from Ebay. They don't even look into it, it is just an automatic response. It was sent from Ebay!!

What bull!! They are really looking out for us, NOT!!

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