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posted on April 4, 2013 11:38:14 AM new
Anyone going through their listings to see which have photo violations? I am going through mine right now. I sell a new product and have included the company logo as a photo. Apparently I have to remove all of them. The logos also have borders.

Started to make me wonder how eBay's system will handle including photos of boxes if the boxes contain text. If I take a photo of a box and the box has a border will eBay claim that photo has a border?

Seems like an odd requirement.

posted on April 4, 2013 01:32:23 PM new
Anyone know if there is a way to check if you have listings that don't meet the photo requirements?

I manually did the newer products I have, but I have hundreds of listings that I would have to go through manually. If I could just see a list of which ones eBay says I need to upgrade, that would save a bunch of time. I think most are compliant.

posted on April 5, 2013 02:04:31 AM new
I'm having the same problem and don't know where to start. I don't use borders but some of my jewelry have smaller photos.
I don't see anyway to tell what size the gallery (top) photo is without downloading it to my memory stick and then opening it up in my photo program.
If ebay would somehow flag them now, that would be great.
Also, if I only have one photo at the top but others in the description - is that a no no as well???

posted on April 5, 2013 10:29:44 AM new
I use GarageSale to launch my eBay listings, which is different than Vendio, though similar in what it accomplishes. I have a special template that imbeds the photos within the template as well as includes them in the eBay gallery, much like Vendio does.

I do not believe eBay cares about the imbedded photos, only the photos within the eBay gallery (the ones at the top). I upgraded the low res photos and deleted the framed logos in the gallery and no longer had a compliance warning. I left the imbedded template photos within the description alone.

The only way I was able to find if there were photos that did not meet eBay guidelines was to click on revise for each individual item. The next screen will tell you if you are in compliance. I am also under the impression that you will get this error message if you relist after ending your items, though I have not done this to verify.
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posted on April 5, 2013 02:19:29 PM new
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posted on April 5, 2013 02:26:31 PM new
Thank you, ewora.
I had no idea that I had photos that were too small. Bugger!

posted on April 6, 2013 12:02:46 PM new
Try this link to the test.


My images were classified as small but acceptable. They are from my website where thay work just fine. So, I am not revising my eBay images.

William J Kozersky Stamp Co.
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posted on April 6, 2013 12:43:51 PM new
Thanks for the link, Bill. I don't get it - eBay must resize images because mine are small but acceptable according to that link. The ones in my listing descriptions are all about 800 pixels x 500 (unless it's a vertical card and then its 500x800) but the link said mine are all uniformly 500 pixels. I think that is the maximum gallery size - when you click to enlarge the "View Image Information" shows true dimensions - ie 815px 551px. Does Vendio resize when sending? How did the click to enlarge show the proper size? I think the link is just reading the gallery size and not true image size.

posted on April 6, 2013 12:48:11 PM new
What I don't understand is this:
Most of my images that are classified as too small were uploaded to Vendio at a size that shows in "properties" as over 500 and when the photos are clicked on to see larger images, they show up at the size they were loaded at. But apparently they show up smaller on the template and in the eBay preview corner.

So does this mean that they are okay or not?
And if not, then how am I supposed to figure it out what they will show up as when I upload them at over 500.

Ebay says I have to take photos at a larger size, Vendio says that if your photos were taken fairly after the Sony Mavice, they should be fine, and yet this site says I have problems.

I am really not getting this.

posted on April 6, 2013 12:57:47 PM new
I must have been typing while Neglus was posting...we seem to be confused on the same point.
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posted on April 6, 2013 02:27:51 PM new
I ran mine and many are too small ,they are over 500 but can be better,some are not even found,which is not true.
Ebay wants 1024x 768 pixels,which means we have to reset our camera to high resolution and high quality,which also means we will take less photos in one setting.
What I dont understand is many of Ebay recent changes have to do with cell phone and mobile payments etc,the sellers who are using their mobile phones to take pictures,the pictures STINK !
So far I have not seen any difference while viewing pictures on Ebay,in fact they are getting worse,not sure if we are getting more novice sellers or what?

posted on April 6, 2013 06:13:59 PM new
I haven't been able to upload unique ebay gallery photos (ie 1000+ PX) - if I add them then they show up in the description and make the template too wide for viewing! This is so frustrating!

posted on April 7, 2013 06:10:06 AM new
if you still have your camera manual,you can find information how to set your camera size and quality,compression or no compression,jpg or gif?

posted on April 7, 2013 07:38:40 AM new
Thanks Bill
That link saved me hours of work.
Looks like I only have 7 or 8 images to worry about.

posted on April 10, 2013 09:02:54 AM new
I have watermarking, so I stopped it. It will save me a few bucks a month. The eBay representative said "I think watermarking will be disallowed but maybe not" geez maybe so maybe not .... so I went to my account and removed watermarking.

posted on April 10, 2013 10:32:50 AM new
One thing that bothers me with the new text requirement is that I cannot add text to my photos. Why is this important?

Collectibles - I occasionally add arrows and text to point out a flaw. Sometimes that arrow will have a letter or number next to it to refer it to the description where I describe the issue.

General Goods - I occasionally add lines as well as measurements to clarify things for buyers, especially when I get a lot of questions asking to clarify a measurement.

Doesn't this new policy defeat the purpose of clarity in these instances?

I can understand banning business logos and names, but some things make no sense.

posted on April 10, 2013 12:22:26 PM new
Also,if it does not sell and you relist a few months later,you have to measure the item again.

posted on April 10, 2013 05:29:22 PM new
That is one thing I really like about using Garage Sale. It keeps all of my listings, even after they sell. I delete when I want, but I just save them to a back up disk to reference later.

posted on April 10, 2013 05:48:34 PM new
What setting do I configure to size a photo when you take it? I have a Fugi ....great camera but I do not know how to configure photo size . I even found the instruction book. LOL it is so complicated.

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posted on April 10, 2013 06:52:32 PM new
I download them to my computer then re-size them it seemed easier I use a Fuji as well.
posted on April 10, 2013 07:00:43 PM new
Unfortunately, resizing them larger after taking the photo only makes the images larger and appear fuzzy.

There should be a image size setting in the menu. Fuji uses an odd symbol. It looks like a triangle pointing left with a bunch of dots in the shape of a triangle pointing right.

posted on April 10, 2013 07:12:22 PM new
Go back to the steps you take when you first bought the camera,there must be instructions to show you how to set image quality,size etc.
OR call their customer service.

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