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posted on August 9, 2004 10:59:56 PM new
Hi Kraft this post is to you in reply to your post to me in the shriveled prune thread. I・d like for you to let me know when I've been here long enough to make assessments ::eye roll:: about others assessments of me, okay? And also post for me which grand poobah of The Crossed-Eyed Mary Club[b] needs to stamp and certify I've been here long enough to post my [b]opinionwhether it be about eBay, politics, dress, or vindictive behavior I observe.

As far as I know, - and tell me if you know it differently - message board posting is full of venting and opinions which are not specifically statements of fact. So unless you are pulling links from news sources and such, (and even then, those are questionable) it・s all opinion based on what you think. For you to presuppose that what anybody .says・ here, is telling you what to believe is kind of ridiculous. Even for you. But I think I understand why you would post that.

Have you ever been to New York? They talk very straight-up there. I suppose some might see it as having a temper tantrum (which to me usually involves demands, as opposed to telling somebody I DON・T CARE, when they are harping on your tail night and day, and you・ve already said it several times). But it seems like you on some level get that with me, as such, only still you would like to play. :-0) But I have to laugh because I am mild compared to how some will not even bat an eye at you, and you・re left basically feeling glad they did not!. lol! (What・s the tuneKI can・t help it if I am strongKor I can・t help it if I・m lucky? Something like that.)

- So, don・t forget to let me know when my due date comes up, so I know when it・s okay to post my opinion! (Should I check the user agreement? Is there something in there about that rule, too? ) See, because the way you phased it, Nero, you haven't been here long enough V you didn・t say, ・I don・t think・ you have not been here long enough. So it would seem like a statement of fact to me, rather than an opinion, and now I・m sooo confused.

Thanks in advance for clearing that up for me! :-0)


[ edited by neroter12 on Aug 9, 2004 11:05 PM ]
posted on August 9, 2004 11:11:33 PM new
LoL Nero! You're right, and I shouldn't have made such a stupid comment about being here for a certain time. Sorry.

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