Vendio Customer Manager

Maximize Customer Relationships through Smart Communication
Finally an email solution optimized for eBay sellers and small businesses. Leverage your powerful database to develop long lasting customer relationships and drive repeat sales.
Find customer & transaction history instantly
The heart of Customer Manager is a centralized database, where you can easily search by item, customer, subject, email, or any parameter you choose.

Quickly access important customer info
Find the details of a past sale or answer a customer inquiry in a snap. It's easy to find a customer's past purchases and all email correspondence linked to a transaction.

Build Lifetime Customers
Create your own customer database in seconds, and build an ongoing communication channel that will drive customer loyalty, trust, and repeat sales for years to come!

Build your database instantly
Integrated with eBay, Customer Manager automatically imports a record of every customer, sale, and email for all items closed using Sales Manager.

Drive sales through email marketing
Selling to existing customers is far easier than acquiring new ones. Use your powerful email database to notify customers of special offers or new products for sale!

Available 24 x 7, anywhere
Manage your email or customer database from any web browser. Just because you are on the road doesn't mean you have to lose touch with your customers!
Reduce Email Management Time
Streamlined communication is the key to a successful online business, but answering customer email can take up all of your time. Not with Customer Manager. We help you spend more time selling, and less time typing.

Eliminate spam and viruses
Vendio uses industry leading spam and virus protection to ensure you never get bogged down with unproductive or harmful e-mail.

Get organized with filters
Organize incoming messages so you can answer them faster. Separate marketplace notifications, payment notifications, and the many types of customer inquiries instantly!

Create more professional emails
Register a domain and send emails from your own custom address (e.g.