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BATTERY FR Technika CX-921,Samsung SC35,Panasonic PV910

Price: $23.90

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Battery Compatible with:


Batteries Plus CAM10056

Panasonic LCSD122BU

Chinon CV-BP89

Panasonic LCSD122EU

Chinon CV-T84

Panasonic M-3000

Chinon CVBP89

Panasonic M3000

Chinon CVT84

Panasonic NV-M400

Curtis Mathes DV700

Panasonic NVM400

Curtis Mathes FV500

Panasonic PK-700

Curtis Mathes FV700

Panasonic PK700

Curtis Mathes FV800

Panasonic PV-500

Curtis Mathes GV700

Panasonic PV-501

Curtis Mathes VSBS0016

Panasonic PV-502

G. E. 1CVA156

Panasonic PV-510

G. E. CG-650

Panasonic PV-602

G. E. CG-670

Panasonic PV-604

G. E. CG-671

Panasonic PV-610

G. E. CG-680

Panasonic PV-6100

G. E. CG-681

Panasonic PV-700

G. E. CG-684

Panasonic PV-704

G. E. CG-686

Panasonic PV-710

G. E. CG-895

Panasonic PV-720

G. E. CG-9906

Panasonic PV-760

G. E. CG-9907

Panasonic PV-760A

G. E. CG-9908

Panasonic PV-760B

G. E. CG-9910

Panasonic PV-800

G. E. CG-9911

Panasonic PV-810

General Electric 1CVA156

Panasonic PV-900

General Electric CG650

Panasonic PV-910

General Electric CG670

Panasonic PV-918

General Electric CG671

Panasonic PV-940

General Electric CG680

Panasonic PV-950

General Electric CG681

Panasonic PV-BP50

General Electric CG684

Panasonic PV-S70

General Electric CG686

Panasonic PV-S770

General Electric CG895

Panasonic PV500

General Electric CG9906

Panasonic PV501

General Electric CG9907

Panasonic PV502

General Electric CG9908

Panasonic PV510

General Electric CG9910

Panasonic PV602

General Electric CG9911

Panasonic PV604

JC Penney 686-6015

Panasonic PV610

JC Penney 686-6023

Panasonic PV6100

JC Penney 686-6062

Panasonic PV700

JC Penney 686-6232

Panasonic PV704

JC Penney 6866015

Panasonic PV710

JC Penney 6866023

Panasonic PV720

JC Penney 6866062

Panasonic PV760

JC Penney 6866232

Panasonic PV760A

JC Penney 855-3026

Panasonic PV760B

JC Penney 855-8520

Panasonic PV800

JC Penney 855-8611

Panasonic PV810

JC Penney 855-8959

Panasonic PV900

JC Penney 8553026

Panasonic PV910

JC Penney 8558520

Panasonic PV918

JC Penney 8558611

Panasonic PV940

JC Penney 8558959

Panasonic PV950

JC Penney 890-1886

Panasonic PV960

JC Penney 890-1902

Panasonic PVBP50

JC Penney 890-2454

Panasonic PVS70

JC Penney 8901886

Panasonic PVS770

JC Penney 8901902

Panasonic VSB-0016

JC Penney 8902454

Panasonic VSB-0164

Magnavox CBK300

Panasonic VSB0016

Magnavox CBKK310

Panasonic VSB0164

Magnavox CBKK315

Panasonic VWVBF2

Magnavox CBKK320

Pentax VE258

Magnavox CVJ360

Philco VKR110

Magnavox CVJ360

Philips CPK-816

Magnavox CVK300

Philips CPK-832

Magnavox CVK310

Philips CPK816

Magnavox CVK315

Philips CPK832

Magnavox CVK320

Philips CPL-820

Magnavox CVK610

Philips CPL-827

Magnavox CVK610

Philips CPL-915

Magnavox CVL300

Philips CPL820

Magnavox CVL300

Philips CPL827

Magnavox CVL301

Philips CPL915

Magnavox CVL301

Philips V80096BK01

Magnavox CVL310

Quasar VE258

Magnavox CVL310

Quasar VM-32

Magnavox CVL318

Quasar VM-32AC

Magnavox CVL318

Quasar VM-33

Magnavox CVL319

Quasar VM-33AC

Magnavox CVL319

Quasar VM-700

Magnavox CVL810

Quasar VM-705

Magnavox CVL810

Quasar VM-706

Magnavox CVM310

Quasar VM-710

Magnavox CVM310

Quasar VM-716

Magnavox CVM315

Quasar VM-717

Magnavox CVM315

Quasar VM-718

Magnavox CVM710

Quasar VM-735

Magnavox CVM710

Quasar VM-737

Magnavox CVM720

Quasar VM-749

Magnavox CVM720

Quasar VM32

Magnavox CVN310AV

Quasar VM32AC

Magnavox CVN310AV

Quasar VM33

Magnavox CVR325AV

Quasar VM33AC

Magnavox CVR325AV

Quasar VM700

Magnavox CVR330AV

Quasar VM705

Magnavox CVR330AV

Quasar VM706

Magnavox CVR335AV

Quasar VM710

Magnavox CVR335AV

Quasar VM716

Magnavox V80096BK01

Quasar VM717

Magnavox V80096BK01

Quasar VM718

Magnavox VSBS0016

Quasar VM735

Magnavox VSBS0016

Quasar VM737

Memorex BP-30RS

Quasar VM749

Memorex BP30RS

Samsung SC-F30

Memorex MODEL 16837

Samsung SC-F32

Memorex SM4200

Samsung SC-F34

Memorex SM4300

Samsung SC-F35

Memorex SM4400

Samsung SC-F703

Olympus VFBP8U

Samsung SC-F704

Olympus VFBP8U

Samsung SC-F754

Olympus VX-407

Samsung SC-F755

Olympus VX407

Samsung SC-F756

Panasonic AFX12

Samsung SC-F765

Panasonic AFX8

Samsung SC-X704

Panasonic AG-185U

Samsung SC32

Panasonic AG-187

Samsung SC34

Panasonic AG-188

Samsung SC35

Panasonic AG-195

Samsung SC704

Panasonic AG-196U

Samsung SC755

Panasonic AG-455

Samsung SC756

Panasonic AG-456

Samsung SC765

Panasonic AG-459

Samsung SCF30

Panasonic AG-461

Samsung SCF703

Panasonic AG-B20P

Samsung SCF754

Panasonic AG-B20P

Samsung SCX704

Panasonic AG-B21P

Samsung SV-LB6

Panasonic AG-BP188U

Samsung SVLB6

Panasonic AG-BP20

Sears 53661

Panasonic AG185U

Sears 53662

Panasonic AG187

Sears 53671

Panasonic AG188

Sears 53672

Panasonic AG195196U

Sears 53684

Panasonic AG455

Sears 53685

Panasonic AG456

Sears 53991

Panasonic AG459

Sylvania V80096BK01

Panasonic AG461

Sylvania VKC210

Panasonic AGB21P

Sylvania VKC221

Panasonic AGBP188U

Sylvania VLC218

Panasonic AGBP20

Sylvania VLC225

Panasonic BP-BP20P

Sylvania VMC226

Panasonic BPBP20P

Sylvania VSBS0016

Panasonic LCS-2012DVBNC

Technika CB-920

Panasonic LCS-D122BU

Technika CB920

Panasonic LCS-D122EU

Technika CX-921

Panasonic LCS2012DVBNC

Technika CX921

Zenith VAC-907


Product Features

·         PWR : 2000 mAh  12V

·         No memory loss effect









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