Purple Moscow Quality Fantail Fancy Guppies

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Price quoted is per individual fish of size indicated in the ad.


Thirty six years ago I began to raise guppies and tropical fish. At one time they took over my basement during high school. After many years of pet store ownership I began selling live fish online in 1999. Fish are my passion. I hand select every one for my customers. I buy fish from top breeders and farms in the United States of America. I do not sell imported fish such as the low quality ones in large chain pet stores and stores which sell many other things besides pets and supplies.

You are buying incredible unique fancy guppies: These are exceptionally gorgeous. This is for Fancy Guppies, the breed is my intensely colored solid Purple Moscows they are fantail type guppies.  These are sold as fry large enough to avoid being eaten by adult guppies, and as a mixture of fry,young, semi adults. Expect most fish sent to be about 1/8 inch but there will be a few larger. Adult males get to have about quarter size coin fantails when they mature and females are an average of an inch and a half and some even larger when they fully mature.  They have large caudals and dorsals and a thick tail base that keeps them looking great even when they grow old. These are the fry of the fish in the photo.

The fish sent will be an average of 1/8 inch in size, so they have many more months of life in them. You are not purchasing adult fish such as those in the photos. THE PHOTO SHOWS ADULT FISH at 5 months old, however you will be receiving much smaller and younger fish! These can live with adult guppies and fish the size of platies, neons, glow lites etc.

Fish are sent in stryofoam lined boxes, heat pack, and pure oxygen in some water. They will be either double or triple bagged.

Shipping is in the Continental USA. No international orders.

Shipping rate is quoted in the Continetal USA.

Customers in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska need to contact the seller prior to buying.

Sellers Ad Terms:

Please Read - You are not purchasing a book, that is prelabeled for shipment. You are purchasing a live product which cannot be insured by a shipping company.

Sold As IS. No warranty expressed or implied unless you have them sent via USPS Express Mail. Priority Mail is less expensive but can take any time allowed by USPS and these cannot be insured. The only insurance is if the box is Express Mail and never shows up. At which time the USPS would only compensate for the Express Mail shipping paid.

Seller will guarantee live arrival on the fish if they are received within two days of entering the postal system. Live arrival is for actual fish purchased and does not cover the extras in the shipment. Live arrival terms you must photograph unopened bags within two hours of arrival during the first 2 days after they enter the USPS Express Mail System. On day three, four or any after there is no coverage on the fish. USPS may work to reinburse for late delivery.

Seller sends the item out on Monday to Wednesday of each week depending on when the item was paid for. Payment Wednesday to Sunday would mean the package would ship usually the next Wednesday coming up! Allow 7 to 10 working days for package to enter the USPS system. Fish are boxed the day they go to USPS.

Priority Mail is not recommended when the temperature outside dips below 50 Degrees Farenheit, as a delay of more than two days can be fatal.

Cost of Express Mail is $30 to $60 depending on size and number of fish.

Priority Mail is available. Contact the seller for Quote which is usually $23.00 and includes insulated box, double to triple bagged, oxygen, and heat pack. However the USPS can take 2 to 9 days to get it to the customer. No Guarantee, No warranty, No coverage. Buy at your own risk. SOLD AS IS.

Method of Payment: Paypal only

Questions? Please contact prior to purchasing.

Buyer can ask for a refund if the item has not been shipped. Buyer must ask for the refund within 72 hours, if not there is a $2.00 fee that will not be refunded.

Buyer will be given a USPS Express Mail tracking number, or Priority Mail Delivery Conf number.

Express Mail Buyers Please Provide at Least one valid contact phone number as requested on the Express Mail label. Verify the mailing address. It will be going to the Paypal one.

Thank you!


I do not accept returns

Destination: United States

CarrierMethodShipping CostPer additional Item
USPSExpress Mail®$32.00$4.50
USPSPriority Mail®$22.00$4.50
CUSTOMHeat Pack or cold pack$2.00$2.00
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Instructions to Buyer

Money OrderUSPS post office or Kroger money orders only. Exact amount of purchase. Put item number on money order. All costs of item are indicated in he ad.
PaypalIf you need an invoice just contact seller. If you need a quote on combined item shipping or to add any items email us or call or text , the number in ad and leave message. Provide telephone number for Express Mail orders. Thank you!
Not Offered (Domestic)
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