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Chaparro Amargo Bitter Bark Extract Castela Texana

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You are viewing  Extracto de Chaparro Amargo also known as Bitter Bark Extract or Castela Texana, made in Mexico.

This food supplement comes in a 2 fl oz bottle (70 ml).  It contains 40g of Bitter Bark Extract. This is brand new and factory sealed.

Here is some further information regarding this product:

Castela texana ("chaparro amargo") is a shrub taken traditionally in teas and capsules of dry plant to treat intestinal amoebic infections. An aqueous extract was prepared and its mutagenic, genotoxic and cytotoxicity properties were evaluated in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. A free-radical scavenging test was used in order to explore the antioxidant capacity of C. texana extract with S. typhimurium strain TA102 pretreated with norfloxacin, a free radical producer. This extract showed a free radical withdrawal effect. The effective chemoprotective activity of this extract could be due to the antioxidant capacity of the C. texana extract components. In this paper it is shown that the antiamoebic natural product, C. texana, is also antimutagenic and protects against induction of preneoplastic lesions in rat liver. These results justify further studies to extend it use to human beings.

The product has broad anti parasite activity against entamoeba spp as well as blastocyst spp and has been used against dysenteric diarreah by the Aztec people of Mexico. 

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