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Fred Bear Tamerlane Recurve Bow, 69"

Beautiful Condition--1965

This is a fantastic vintage Bear® Tamerlane HC-30 Recurve bow from the 60s.

It is handmarked with Serial No. 5C35, 69" length, with a pull weight of 45#, dating it to 1965. This is a beautiful bow with only the most minor of scratches or abrasions. It has no cracks, bowing or twisting, there is some wear near the grip (as shown in pic). This bow was given to my son, who barely had the opportunity to use it, by his grandfather. My dad was a hunter, and did go black bear hunting on a few occasions.  It is marked as a "DISPLAY" model, and I seriously doubt it saw much use before my son got it.

Not being an expert in archery or hunting, I really had to research this item.  I consistently found that this bow is one of the best ever made, according to collectors, tournament archers, and hunters alike.

"Bear had a whole line of target bows named after tartar warriors....Tamerlane, Temudjin, Tartar, etc. The Tamerlane was top of the line....Bear Archery sponsored some of the best shooters of the time to make sure their product was prominent in the winners circle."

Often rated a top buyer's choice for quality and craftsmanship, the traditional line-up from Bear® Archery continues to satisify those recurve and longbow enthusiasts looking for a time-tested quality hunter. These are the same handcrafted bows that Fred Bear designed and tested all over the world. Exotic Rosewoods and Zebra woods have been used to create stunning bows that are superior and highly collectible.

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