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Have you ever noticed that as you turn your volume down some of your treble bleeds off? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to adjust volume or gain from the guitar without loosing treble in the process?

This mod prevents treble loss to improve your sound in all ranges of gain or volume. I have three different circuits to achieve this and will find the best for your particular instrument. 

Be sure to let me know if you have any special tonal preferences. I also have a large variance in components which will allow me to custom tune the frequency response width to your personal taste.

It is also possible to incorporate a switch so that you can return to the original or stock circuit if you want to. 

This does not effect your tone controls and they will still be as responsive as they were before. In fact, some musicians think they are more responsive. Since you save treble upfront, you have more to work with when adjusting your instrument's tone. 

This is a 'must have' fundamental mod that returns responsive and clear highs. Highly recommended for Mahogany Body Woods with Humbuckers. 

Price Includes: Parts, Labor, and One Year Warranty

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