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Do you ever get bored with limited tonal options? Some guitarist spend hours shaping tones in the pursuit of perfection. You are the tone you create. It is your voice.

I have designed a modification that will greatly enhance tone shaping and the versatility of your instrument. 

The Bi Tone allows you to adjust the range of your tone knob with the flip of a switch. Of course, it works excellent in a push/pull pot as well.

The switch has two positions. One is narrow shaping with lots of harmonic preservation. It's a great place to find that Eric Clapton 'Woman Tone.' Let me know if thats the tone your looking for because I can adjust for it.

The other position offers very broad tone adjustments. It can take you in to an area with deep, dark, and warm tones. Sounds awesome with some fat tube drive!

This is one of the greatest mods available. Great tone effects every other modification on your instrument and ensures you get the most from your amp.

This two position setup will cover your instruments entire range. The components are specifically chosen for your unique instrument.

I can add a third position for highend bypass or a push/pull switch. These will depend upon your guitar and taste.

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