The Shock Absorber

Prevent Electrical Shock

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This is the only mod I know of that could literally save your life.

It does not effect your guitar's tone or performance in any way.

What it will do is prevent you from getting a nasty shock.

The stories that you've heard about being shocked by an amplifier are not wive's tales.

The strings on a guitar are in fact connected to ground. They are seated in the bridge (as you already know) which is grounded. 

When you touch them, you ground yourself as well. This is why when you put your hand on the fret board it stops hum.

Herein lies the problem, if the ground on an amp goes out you are the next best available ground for the equipment. This means, you could get a very uncomfortable shock in the event of an equipment failure.

The Shock Absorber protects you from getting zapped if equipment fails.

Price Includes: Parts, Labor, and One Year Warranty.

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