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There really are few guitars more versatile and beautifully sounding then a double neck. No other guitar can do as much as well as a double neck. From open tunings to Eloquent Leads the Double Neck has it all. 

The twelve string really adds something special to any arrangement. It sounds beautiful with chorus and mind blowing when you turn up the tube drive.

The six string is a great contender as well. Awesome for finger picking and rythme. Even better for lead. Since it's based on an SG style body the lead tone is excellent. Good mids and enough highs to sing.

There is only one problem, The Gibson's are currently selling on Sam Ash's website for $3,999.00. Isn't that ridiculous? They're not even Custom built and have no unique options to choose from. That's part of the reason I wanted to include my own version of this instrument here.

I include custom electronics and finishing options with this instrument at no additional charge. This way each one looks and sounds unique.

So then, here are the specs on this instrument, or should I say 'these instruments?' 

-Trapezoid Inlays

-Maple Necks

-Rosewood Fingerboards

-Double Action Truss Rods

-Basswood Body

-4 Humbuckers with Set Poles: Black Bezel and Housing (customizable)

-Two Tone / Two Volume Controls (customizable)

-24 3/4 Inch Scale Length

-Tune O Matic Bridges (customizable)

-22 Frets

-Chrome Hardware

-1.75" Thick Body

-Bolt on Necks for Great Stability

-Includes Several Free Customizations

Here are some of the options for FREE (no additional charge) Customizations. You can pick as many or as few as you like without changing the price.

-The Bi Tone. You can get one or two of these at no additional charge.

-The Blazing Bridge. You can get one or two of these at no additional charge.

-The Kill Switch. No Charge.

-The Shock Absorber. No Charge.

-Treble Bleed Preventer. You can get one or two of these at no additional charge.

Three Choices for Finishes with NO EXTRA CHARGE regardless of which one you prefer.

-Naked Wood. Some people prefer this finish. It feels great under your hand. It is easily cleaned or can be oiled. You can fine sand it if you get a ding in your instrument. Naked wood ages well because the wood is not hidden under lacquer. The guitar is slightly lighter and the tone is a bit different as well. Of course, you could also choose this option to do your own finishing work.

-Solid Color. Almost any color you want. To many to list so you tell me and then we can look at some samples and pictures to choose the perfect one. I can also get Fender and Gibson Colors if you like them. 

After I apply the color I seal it first with several coats of Vinyl Sealer. It is a flexible and moisture resistant sealant. Then I follow that with Nitrocellulose Lacquer. (the good stuff) As many coats as it takes to make it look awesome.

-Wood Grain Finishes- These are awesome! I can darken the grain first so that all the wood's textures stand out or I can leave it as it is. When I darken the grain it gives it more definition and makes it pop better. This is followed by several coats of staining until the color is perfect. Once again, to many colors to choose from so let's talk it over and find your perfect color.

Then, of course, I apply the vinyl sealer and Nitrocellulose Lacquer until it's deeper then the Atlantic Ocean.

-Sunburst Finishes. Pick any two colors for the edge and center. I fade them together and then seal the  instrument with Vinyl Sealer and Nitrocellulose Lacquer.

Those are all of the FREE customizations/modifications. 

Additionally, I can do many other things as well. Although I put this package together to be reasonably priced and customizable, I can do additional modifications for people interested in investing more money into their instrument.

I hope that I have provided enough free options so that no one feels the need to spend more because honestly, I want these guitars to look and sound awesome without having to pay out the nose.

Here are some other options for additional fees:

Custom Pickup Installation/Configurations, Active Onboard Tone, Drive, Effects, Stacked Pots for Independent control of EACH pickup, Coils Taps, whatever you need.......... Ask if I didn't mention it and I will help you get your tone locked down EXACTLY how you want it.

I have tried to pick the most desirable mods to be included for free so that I can keep this price reasonable and give people the opportunity to own a VERY COOL guitar at a REALISTIC price.

The Guitars also come with a one year warranty on parts and labor. Pretty much everything I do does. Of course the warranty assumes that you treat it with love.

Your guitar will vary dependent upon your unique build choices. Pictures is for representation only.

You may place your order from the website. I will not build guitars until after I have spoken with you and know EXACTLY how you would like your instrument.

If you need additional info email me:

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