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Each one of these is unique. I have to many options to list but I will try. Every one is a True Hand Built Custom Instrument.

The LP is my personal passion. I have played Gibson's LP's since I was 15 years old.  

These start with a model based around the unanimously agreed greatest LP ever, the 1959. The '59 is the most highly sought after version ever created. It is the only good starting point for creating the ultimate guitar.

These are not replicas of the '59. They are new and unique instruments which incorporate many of guitarists' favorite classic attributes into a Superior Build.

These have a sweeping carved top and a shaped lower bout. The mahogany body can be chambered for less weight or left solid for the greatest tonal qualities. 

All the woods are EXCELLENT! They come from an American supplier and are the pick of the litter. I DO NOT ever settle for second rate quality. These hand built beauties are perfect in every detail.

Maple tops are available in: Plain Maple, 4A Flamed Maple. and 4A Quilted Maple. Each and every piece looks AWESOME! After the Finishing work is done they are unrivaled.

Your Headstock can be matched with a veneer and the appropriate finish as well.

The Headstock angle is 13.5 degrees.

The Necks are solid Mahogany. They offer excellent sustain and rock solid stability. The neck tenons are HUGE! They go all the way UNDER the Rythme Pickup.

The Tenon Angles and Headstock Angles have been increased to make these Superior to any other instrument. This means: No Neck Scarfing, Better Intonation, and Better Playability!

The Fret Work is Top Notch. Great attention to detail insures that they play as well as they sound. They Better, because, they sound Amazing!

Soundboards are available in Ebony and Rosewood. Ebony brings out very nice highs and improves the attack of each note. Rosewood is just amazing. Great tone, silky natural oils, and the look of beautiful wood grains.

Yes, I do have GOLD FRETS!

The head stocks can be detailed to your specs such as a wood grain pattern or a Sunburst. It's your guitar and it will be unique.

As I mentioned, the necks are one piece, quarter-sawn, solid Mahogany. Yes, I can sand them down to further improve playability. However, the neck shapes are already extremely comfortable.

The Neck Styles is a 60’s Medium “C” neck profile. 

They are .8″ thick at the 1st fret and .885″ thick at the 12th fret.

The Neck angle is 4.4 degrees.

I can finish the neck in a Tung Oil or some other light finish if you prefer. If not, it will be sealed with the rest of the guitar. Preserved in perfect moisture content and stability forever.

The Fret Board Radius is Twelve Inches.

Fret wire is Medium Jumbo (.100” x .045”).

I can put whatever Tuner Heads you like on these. Locking Grovers work well. I can also use Custom Heads to allow you to drop string(s) with the flip of a lever. Great for Switching between Drop D and/or Open Tunings and Standard Spanish Tuning.

Binding is available for the entire instrument. I can go single, double, neck, partial, or no binding. Let me know what you like.

These will accomodate almost any pickups you can imagine from HOT Ceramics, Classic Alnicos, Active EMGs, P90's, to almost anything. 

I can also set you up with Four Lace Sensors of your choice mounted in two pairs. Just add a few Concentric Pots and each Pickup has its own Volume/Tone Controls. Imagine having an LP with Four Unique Pickups, each with seperate controls, but still mounted to look just like regular humbuckers. Pretty sweet indeed.

If that doesn't suite you then check out Seymore Duncan's P-Rails. They are another great choice. 

If all else fails, drop me an email. I WILL find something that you love.

Electronics- If you can dream it, I'll build it. Seriously, electronics is what I do best. Anything from Onboard Effects, Active Tone Controls, to more switches then the Space Shuttle. I love electronics so drop me a line and tell me what you need. 

Finishes- Whatever you want. Some options include:

Solid Color- I can get your favorite Fender or Gibson colors. You can specify any color you want and I'll do it.

Woodgrains-I make the swirling grains pop and then add the color of your choice. 

Sunburst- Just pick two colors. I can raise the grains under these as well.

All guitars (unless specified differently) are finished with several coats of Vinyl Sealer. It is a flexible and moisture resistant sealant. Then I follow that with Nitrocellulose Lacquer. (the good stuff) As many coats as it takes to make it look awesome. 

Naked Woods- Some people prefer this finish. It feels great under your hand. It is easily cleaned or can be oiled. You can fine sand it if you get a ding in your instrument. Naked wood ages well because the wood is not hidden under lacquer. The guitar is slightly lighter and the tone is a bit different as well. 

There are still many more options available which I have not yet mentioned. Since these are scratch built to your specs I can offer almost any option you like.

I can also do custom tremelos such as Bigsby's. I can do LED lighting for switch indicators or just to look cool. 

If you have active electronics I can add a charging jack near the 1/4" plug so that you can recharge your batteries instead of having to change them. I can also add a spare rechargable battery with a selector switch if you want to be sure that your guitar always has a fresh battery.

I have Onboard Chorus, Amp Simulation, Tone Control (lows, mids, scoop), and 30 db Gain Lead Switches available as well.

Additionally, If you have a favorite pedal sometimes I can duplicate it in an Onboard knob/switch controlled setup. Let me know what you need.

Please note that these will take several months to build. The finishes alone take a great while due to the number of coats I use. I do not stop untill the instrument is AMAZING!

Please drop me a line if you have questions or requests. I have not included pricing because each guitar is unique and will be priced differently.

I can start one for you today with a $1,000 deposit. The full deposit will be applied to the price of your instrument.

If you drop me an email with a list of desired options I can get you an estimate before we begin building.

These are guaranteed for a full year to give you enough time to really get to know the guitar and to be certain that you love it. If there is a problem with materials or labor then it will be fixed. (There never is though. I am much more of a perfectionist then anyone else I know, LOL)

Here's a quick reminder of the email address: [email protected]

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