Vintage Electro-Voice RE11 Microphone w/Cord and Case

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Up for auction is one of my three (3) Electro-Voice RE-11 dynamic supercardioid vocal microphones.  The RE-11 was originally designed for vocal use, though they're now very popular for instrument (guitar cabinet and drums) mic'ing purposes.  For example, many studios and professional musicians use to them to mic their drum kits (especially snare and kick drums) or to capture the entire ensemble playing in a room.  RE-11s are renowned for their ability to capture and tightly control dynamic sound in all its variations.  Here's a short blurb:

Description and Applications
The Electro-Voice RE11 is a Variable-D® dynamic supercardioid microphone created specially for professional applications requiring a sharply controlled supercardioid directional pattern. It is much like the Electro-Voice RE16, in that it employs a blast filter which is an integral part of the microphone. The blast filter allows close-up, handheld use without “P-popping” and also allows outdoor use without excessive wind noise. Though the RE11 is very similar to the RE16, it meets requirements where there is less need for precise unit-to-unit matching.

Utilizing the major technological breakthrough of Variable-D® design (a means of deriving directionality), the RE11 features a degree of directional control so effective that frequency response is virtually independent of angular location to the sound source. The result is a microphone that generates little or no off-axis coloration, yet provides the greatest possible rejection of unwanted sounds. A supercardioid, the RE11 provides greatest rejection at 150° off axis. This assures greatest rejection in the horizontal plane when the microphone is tilted in its most natural position –30° from horizontal, as on boom or floor stands. (Typical cardioids provide greatest rejection at 180°.) An easily operated “bass-tilt” switch corrects spectrum balance for boom use and other longer-reach situations.

Using the mechanical nesting concept of design—by means of which the internal transducer parts are nested one within another—the RE11 transducer is a nearly solid mechanical structure that is highly resistant to damage from mechanical shock. The exclusive nonmetallic Electro-Voice Acoustalloy® diaphragm is virtually unaffected by extremes of atmospheric conditions. A carefully designed steel outer case provides excellent magnetic shielding and additional mechanical protection. Finish is a fawn beige. The RE11 has a Memraflex® grille that bounces back to retain its shape.

When one of these mics comes on the market, they're invariably snapped up by the folks who know something about sound capture and amplification, so don't miss out.  I have two others listed, and this one is serial #7740.  All are in excellent condition, with this one having the least amount of finish loss from the stem of the microphone.  It also comes with the attached accessories pictured (the Shure cable and the original mic gooseneck holder PLUS the ORIGINAL, and very clean, EV metal carrying case).  The microphone screen is also dent-free and rust-free and the 'phone itself saw very little use, if any, from the early mid-70s on.  These were part of a lot of three I acquired back then, from when my father and uncle finally retired from live playing situations.  The microphone works fine, and is sold "As Is."
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