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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)
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Finest quality European Hair Extensions money can Buy!!

TOLL FREE 1 (800) 931-1000 .......OR ...818-400-2007 .

13 inch long X 11 inch wide hair circle ,1 piece , name brand , Jose Eber,  European Hair Extensions.

============================ =========== Please see our other auctions for longer sets up to 24 " inches long & 14 clips wide , click above .


Other available colors :  Ash Blonde ,Light blond ,  Golden Blond ,Medume Blonde ,  Dark Blond , Frost Blonde ,strawbery Blonde ,Red , Auburn , Dark brown , Medum Brown, light Brown, Black  Gray Blond, light Gray , Dark gray  ...For other colors see our other auctions.

In bussiness since 1971
You get a single hair circle , where a round fishing wire has 13 inch human hair attaced to it . To wear , you place the clear portion of the fishing wire on top of your head concealed between your own hair , the rest of the wire covered with hair will blend with  back of your head  and your sides . Please note that if you are looking for a small enhancement this set is fine , however for those expecting to produce a bigger enhancement , this single set has a small finite quantity of hair and many buyers have ordered  2 or 3 sets , or use it with other larger sets in order to produce a noticable increase in the fullness of their own hair . To see our other auctions please click on the gallery button above or see our e bay store .

100 % satisfaction guarantee : Order , If not totally delighted return it next day  , in package ,for a full prompt refund less only a $2  fee per set !  guarranteed .

Brand new 100% Human Hair Extensions .
Questions ? 800-931-1000
International 818-400-2007 , or E-mail us @ hrcintl@aol.com
This auction is for the c olor : Ash Blond 
Attention : If this color is not good for you , to find your color of choice , you must click on the white rectangular gallery  button  " Andale Gallery " - above . Each page shows 24 auctions ,colors are listed in alpha betic order .. click on each items to see the entire details . to see next page of our 24 auctions , click " next page "  on the top right corner of the gallery , and you will be taken to next page all the way to 12 pages and 225 auctions , yowill find your color , or e mailus , HRCINTL@aol.com or  call 800-931-1000 .
 Do not compare this Fine name brandd product with the many low grade acid washed oriental or synthetic Hair extensions , sold on the Internet.

Other Available Colors for our 15 inch and other models: Please see our other auctions , click on the above white andale gallery button to see all our auctions showcases .. see all 8 pages .

3 Testimonials :

Here is one of our many testimonial letters , one with dozen pictures of loyal client shown with our hair extensions , as featured in her web site ! To see ; just click on the blue link bellow "Years ago I decided to buy hair extensions that I saw advetised on tv as Luxurious Hair. I have never made a better decision. As an actress, they have helped my career imensely. As a woman, they have changed my life. Once you put on a set you will never want to be without them. They make you feel like the godess you've always known you are. Also, I've had my set for about 8 years and they are still in great shape. I do take good care of them, as if it were my own hair, but with constant use I am still amazed how they have held up. Best of all, they look so real , no one even knows I'm wearing them! My character on As the World Turns is all about her hair, and I rely heavily on my hair extensions every day to help the expert hairdressers on the show create many many different styles. I reccomend these to all women who, as I do, have hair that is "just ok". They will make your hair go from average to spectacular!!!! Every woman should have a set!" Now it's easier and more affordable than ever. I have just purchased my brand new set from european-hairextensionscom for much less than my original purchase price of over $150.00. The way I see it, there's no reason NOT to have them. Be the godess you know you are. Myself and my actress/model friends all use them and love them. And it's our little secret!

I am wearing my hair extentions in all photos.
I look forward to getting my new set from you.

Speak to you soon,
Anne Sayre
These are 2 more of several testimonial letters that buyers have voluntarily e-mailed to me ,actual copy ,not altered .Please read on.
Letter # 2 from Texas :
This is the second set I have bought from you I have
really enjoyed wearing them and everyone thinks they are so natural they cannot even tell they are not my own hair, not even my boyfriend. Please be sure and update my address to xxxxxxxxxx Colorado McKinney, Texas 75069. Thanks

Letter # 3 please read on
Hi...Back in January, I bought a set of blonde hair extensions from you & wanted to let you know how great they are! In fact, I was just browsing and found the same set up again on Ebay. I have to tell you that the pictures you show there don't even compare to how real the extensions look on me! I was amazed at the match in color and how easy they are to work with. Although I only wear them for "fun" I really enjoy them! If you'd ever like to see a picture, let me know and I could send you one. Thanks again so much!
sorry I do not have an address from this buyer on file just received as is without auction # ???????
Try it if not totally satisfied , return it un used for a refund or exchange with our other models less shipping
Many buyers have ordered 2 or more sets !
Shipping and handling :

Shipping and Handling in USA  $ 1.99
Mailing Address
Make all checks payable to :
18102 Valley Vista, Blvd.
Tarzana, CA. 91356-4629
We accept Personal checks

Your personal check must be good ..No jokers please !... or negative feedback and collection will follow.

Pay Pal welcome.

All personal checks & Money Orders Must Include: Item number , choice of color , full Name ,address , day & evening telephone #, Shipping address and email address .

Perfect for You, Present or Gift item
Instruction on  how to use and attach our Hair Extensions . 
1. Open the clip on your hair extensions by holding the top section and gently pulling backwards by placina finger on each end of the clip.
2. Locate the area where you want to insert. Using a brush or comb or your fingers, part your hair and lift the section up and pin or clip it out of the way. Slide the clip into place by pressing on both sides - make sure the section is lying flat. When you hear it click, you will know it is secure. Run your fingers across the top to make sure the section is lying flat.
3. Now comb your own hair down over the Hair Extensions and gently comb to blend hair: See the instructions for adding volume and length.
4. Now repeat these same steps using as many of the sections as you wish to achieve the amount of volume desired.
HOW TO REMOVE YOUR HAIR EXTENSIONS Simply open the clip by gently pulling backwards until you hear the clip release. Then gently remove the section being careful not to pull your hair. It is suggested to move the placement of your sections slightly every couple of wearing. This will allow the clip to rest in a different area preventing too much stress on your hair.
HOW TO CREATE FULLNESS AND LENGTH Length may be created by using the larger 8" sections on the back starting 2 fingers width above the back hair line and placing the second 8" section two fingers width above the first section. Length and fullness may be created by combing the above techniques along with the instruction listed below. To create fullness, start with the back sections and build up from the nape area, using your two fingers as a guide. Insert the 8" section in the back first. After this is secure, move to the next section, inserting the 6" section in the back side (one on each side at least two fingers above the first section). Then move to the front sides, these will add additional style and help create fullness in these areas as well.
Shampooing should be done only after 4 to 5 uses. Use a gentle flow of water holding your Hair Extensions by the clip allowing the water to run down the hair shafts (do not scrunch or tangle hair). Apply a very small amount of regular Shampoo gently working it through with your fingers and rinse thoroughly in the same manner as above.
CONDITIONING Remove excess moisture with your fingers and apply a small amount of any rinse or balsam Conditioner through your hair. Allow it to set for 1 to 2 minutes. Work the conditioner through gently with your fingers and then rinse through. Gently blot dry to remove excess moisture.
Use a wide tooth comb and very gently comb hold from the clip. Start with the ends and work upward to remove any tangles (being careful not to pull too hard). We recommend you let your Hair Extensions air dry. If you do choose to blow dry, use the low cool setting.
Never store your Hair Extensions in a plastic package or store wet. Allow them to fully dry and then store them.
Q. What about showering or swimming with my Hair Extensions?
A. Due to the nature of the Hair Enhancers - we DO NOT recommend this.
Q. Do I have to use all the sections every time I wear my Hair Extensions?
A.No. You may customize your look by using different combinations of sections in different areas.
Q. Why is my Hair Extensions not cut with a straight edge?
A.The fringed edges allow for better blending. Should you desire a blunt cut, you may have the edges trimmed slightly.
Q. Can I use more than one color of Hair Extensions at the same time?
A. YES! You can choose a color of a shade darker or lighter than your own hair. This will create low lights or high lights (you can order a second set of Luxorious  Hair Extensions for the purpose of highlighting).

Items must be returned within 14 days .
Refund will be given as Money back.
Refund policy details:
The item must not be uses or attached to your hair , check color and quality and call 818-400-2007 and ship back for refund or exchange, the next day after you receive

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