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Item Description: RSG-100ATC Portable Brix & Beer Wort Specific Gravity Refractometer (0-32% Brix & 1.000-1.120 Wort SG) - In a SOFTCASE! - STOCKED IN THE USA SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO "WAIT UP TO 43 DAYS" FOR IT TO ARRIVE!

This is a decent quality item! This unit is made of Aluminum and has a 2 year Warranty!  

No other Sellers at eBay (or anywhere else in the WORLD) back their products like we do!

Product Specs:

* 0-32% Brix Scale / 1.000-1.120 Wort Specific Gravity
* Accurate to +/- 0.20% Brix / +/- 0.001 Wort Specific Gravity
* Scale Divisions: 0.20% / 0.001 Wort Specific Gravity
* Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
* Sturdy design, made of lightweight machined Aluminum, not "carbon" plastic
* Comes in a zipper SOFTCASE, with a calibration screwdriver, pipette and users guide 

One BRAND NEW RSG-100ATC (0-32% Brix / 1.000-1.120 Wort & Must Specific Gravity Scales) Hand Held Refractometer in a zipper bag. This unit is designed specifically for the making of BEER and WINE!  This unit is also great for the testing of Fruits, Vegetables and Grasses, Wine or Beer makers and for the maintenance of CNC Coolants (Soluble Oils, Semi-Synthetics, Neo-Synthetics and Synthetics) and Water Soluble Drawing & Stamping Compounds.  WE ARE METALWORKING EXPERTS!  Ask the competition what a "Refractometer Chart" is!  They won't know!  Imagine using your BEER Refractometer for something else?!  Yes, you could!

Fruits, Vegetables and Grasses: This unit will help you monitor the sugar levels of your crops, plants and trees. A valuable tool to help determine if it's the right time for harvest or you need to alter your plant food. Take this item with you to your local farmer's market and buy the best quality! 

Metalworking Fluids: Help maintain your coolant levels to improve finishes, extend tool lilfe, elongate your coolant life and save you money!  Excellent for Soluble Oils, Semi-Synthetics, and Synthetics!  This is THE unit that is used around the world at Boeing, Airbus, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, West Coast Choppers and other manufacturer's big and small!

Beer & Wine: Use the Brix readings to get your Wort and Must sugars and help to determine your finished alcohol readings (use in conjunction with a hydrometer).


Are you tired of not hitting your desired target gravities? Have you tried to cool a large sample so you could use a hydrometer and see what your gravity is? A refractometer allows you take instant gravities readings at any point during the boil, or run off from the mash. On the fly readings allow you to add more water or boil longer so you can attain exactly the gravity you desire or stop sparging before you extract tannins form the grain. Unlike a hydrometer, a refractometer is a simple solution requiring only a couple drops for a sample.

Refractometers measure degrees brix, which are nearly equivalent to Balling or Plato. A specific gravity scale for unfermented wort is also included.  For reading once fermentation has started software prograrms like ProMash and Beer Smith are recommended.

Here’s how: A refractometer instantly reads gravity, in Brix, and specific gravity for unfermented wort by measuring the degree that light passing through the sample is bent. Refraction is what makes a pencil look bent when dipped in a glass of water. If you were to stick a pencil in a series of glasses holding increasingly concentrated sugar water, you would see the pencil apparently bends to a greater degree as the sugar content rises. A refractometer works on the same principal.

Easy to use: Apply 2-3 drops to the prism face, close cover and make sure the glass has no dry spots or air bubbles. Wait 30 seconds to allow the sample to come to ambient temperature. Look through the eyepiece while aiming your refractometer at a light source. The meter will show a line between blue and clear. This line will correspond with the brix scale on the side of the viewing screen.

To calibrate: Place one drop of distilled water on the prism face and turn the manual calibration screw to it reads 0 Brix if necessary.


Inaccuracy?  What?  Yes.  This is the disclaimer that you should read before you buy.  The other guys don't post this because they don't know any better!  They just sell "stuff"...

Please be aware that this unit and the other cheap units sold on eBay have an internal flaw.  What's the flaw?  The Wort SG scale gradually becomes inaccurate the higher you go.  

When the scale was conceived, it was done so using a simple formula - % Brix x 4 = Wort SG.  For example, 10% Brix x 4 = 1.040 Wort SG, which is somewhat accurate.  Move it out to 20% Brix and you have a problem - 20% x 4 = 1.080 Wort SG, but it's really 1.084 Wort SG!  The scale becomes more in accurate the higher you go!  Making an Strong American Ale or a Double IPA?  Using this unit (RSG-100ATC) could cause problems with higher gravities!

If solid readings are important to you, please consider OUR improved and WORLDS MOST ACCURATE Brix and Wort SG Refractometer - the BREWfractometer!  The flawed scale has been fixed so you know your readings are correct!

The BREWfractometer is also available in our eBay Store.  Just type the word "BREWfractometer" into the eBay or our Store searchbox and it will pop up.  

  • The BREWfractometer is the most accurate Wort and Must Specific Gravity Refractometer in the world!  How?  We actually corrected the flawed scale of the other units after seeing that the SG of the old refractometers and a hydrometer weren't the same.  The old scale was a linear formula that leads to incorrect readings.  The higher the Brix content, the more inaccurate it became!
  • The BREWfractometer is 50% heavier than the other units.  Big deal?  This is a true instrument, not a cheap toy!  What happens when you drop the imported units...?
  • The BREWfractometer comes in a plastic hardcase, not a zipper bag!  The hardcase is to ensure that your unit arrives safely and in one piece, and will stay that way once you own it.  The zipper bag used by the other guys is used to keep the shipping weight down and not to keep it safe (in shipment or in the longrun).

The RSG-100ATC use ambient light, no battery or power source is required. Models with the “ATC” suffix are equipped with “Automatic Temperature Compensation” for accurate measurements without recalibration after shifts in ambient working temperature (field use).  You don't need a temperature correction chart if you take readings when the ambient air temp is between 50-86'F (10-30'C).

Included are: a pipette for dropping test fluids onto the prism (never dip the refractometer into the test fluid!), a mini screwdriver for scale calibration, and a Users Guide.  Comes in a zipper bag SOFTCASE.

Comes with a TWO YEAR Warranty against manufacturers defects!  No one else at eBay does that!  You don't have to worry about OUR quality!  You don't have to wonder if we'll be around if you ever have a question!  My Stores Logo

Homebrewing fun facts :

* Homebrewing was legalized in the USA by former President Jimmy Carter in 1979.  The law permits you to brew 100 gallons of homebrew per year if you live on your own, or 200 gallons per household with 2 or more adults.

*Only 2 USA States have not made homebrewing legal: Alabama and Mississippi.  Homebrewing was most recently legalized in Oklahoma (August 26th, 2010).  Time to leave the state if you live in Alabama or Mississippi!  

* May 7th is National Homebrewing Day in the USA.  This was made official by Congress in 1988.

* Every year since 1979, there has been a National Homebrew Competition.  The first competition had 34 entries.  In 2010, there were 6,287 entries!

* Brewing in the home began several thousand years ago with the dawn of agriculture.

* Reinheitsgebot, the famous German Purity Law of 1516, stated that beer can only consist of water, barley and hops.  Yeast was not a known ingredient until the 1800's and was not added to the German law until the 20th Century.  Reinheitsgebot remained in effect until 1987!

International Clients:

Shipping is $15.00 ($12.00 to Canada) via US Postal's Global Priority Mail/Air Mail and is advertised as taking 3-8 business days. Please be advised that there can be Customs delays from time to time.  This service only includes Delivery Confirmation - no tracking.  If you have a FedEx or UPS account, we can ship on your account, just e-mail us at checkout, so we can send you a revised invoice (deducting the S&H) - No one on eBay offers this service either).

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Shipping Insurance is an additional $25.00 and your order will be upgraded to USPS Express Mail, which takes 3-5 business days.

Do you need to purchase multiple items?  Please ask us what the S&H will be to your country!  Just e-mail us with your mailing address and we will get you a tailored price shipping quote.

Questions? Larger Orders? Please feel free to call, fax or e-mail!

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All of these and more are available at which is our eBay Store!

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