AVE VSI-Pro Cash Register Interface

AVE VSI-Pro Cash Register Interface for Samsung ER 650


Package Contents:
* VSI-Pro Interface
* 12V Power Supply
* RS-232 Serial Cable
* Operation Manual
* Installation Guide

The Video Serial Interface (VSI-Pro) allows characters to be inserted into any video source via an RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 link. This allows cash registers, computers, scales, pole displays, printers or any RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422 communicating device to display alpha-numerics in the video picture of any CCTV system. Simple front panel push-buttons allow the user to simply program all functions and features of the VSI-Pro. This includes characters position, gray scale and a wide variety text processing function including exceptions and alarming features. 

Most low end registers require the installation of an RS-232 board from the cash register vendor. Some registers utilize an RS-232 printer which can be tapped to supply the VSI with the data. Registers that have no RS-232 ability must be fitted with an additional interface module that converts printer data to the RS-232 format required by the VSI. 

LCTN: BX133 

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