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We are the Premier Authorized Redcat Racing Dealer. Welcome to NITRO RC HEADQUARTERS! You'll find here the finest products at the best prices! We carry a full line of racing trucks, buggies, truggies and a complete line of parts.


We carry an extensive assortment of Nitro & Gas powered Remote Control trucks and buggies. We sell all parts for Redcat Racing, HPI, High Speed and many more. We offer the lowest price anywhere on the internet. We specialize in customer satisfaction, so be sure to check us out.


1/10 Scale Trucks and buggies are the ultimate in pure entertainment. They offer the fastest speed and a competitve racing edge. This makes them a great racer for any competiton on the track.


1/8 Scale Trucks & Buggies are known for their rock throwing, tire spinning wheelies and insane climbing abilities. 1/8 vehicles tower over smaller vehicles and really set themselves apart from the rest of the trucks you see on the track.

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Don't forget about the rulers of the track, the massive 1/5 scale trucks and buggies. Powered by high octane gasoline, you'll be sure to have an enormous amount of fun with these.

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