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12 KW Vegetable Oil Powered Diesel Generator WVO SVO

Price: $13,999.00

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12 KW Vegetable Oil Powered Diesel Generator WVO SVO

Plug into Vegetable Oil Power!

Instant, Powerful, Reliable electricity. In the middle of nowhere or Grid Tied to spin the meter backwards, use this machine to crank out the kilowatts on a cleaner burning, renewable, affordable fuel source.

12 - 120 Kilowatts


Go completely off the grid - or spin your power meter backwards!

A Vegetable Oil Powered
Diesel Generator runs on Straight Vegetable Oil - no chemical modification of the fuel is required. The fuel can be grown from a variety of crops or collected and filtered cooking oil from restaurants. A two tank system starts on diesel fuel and after a few minutes the engine is preheated, and automatically vegetable oil operation begins. Fires up quickly every time with turn key electric start.
For common questions, such as how much fuel each model uses, grid tie, and remote power, read on for the FAQ section.

A Well Designed Green Energy Solution:

Turbo Charged Deutz Diesel Engine, 70 Gallon Vegetable Oil Tank

Automatic Switchover to Vegetable Oil, Rugged Fuel Pump, Water Blocker Filter

Turn Key Electric Start, Full Compliment of Weather Protected Gauges  

Low Oil Pressure Alarm, Circuit Breaker, Automatic Voltage Regulator

Mounted on Powder Coated Steel Frame, With Wheels for the 6 KW or a Canopy

Vegetable Oil Powered Generators -
Vegetable Oil Powered Generators - Vegetable Oil Powered Generators -  

Automatic Power: Transfer switch engages power within 5 seconds of outage.

Weatherproof Canopy: 1.5 mm Stainless Steel Canopy is totally rustproof.

Winterized Core:
Heating elements warm oil and fuel tank for extreme cold.

Quieted Operation:
At 51 decibels it is about as loud as a conversation.

Also Includes:

GreaseBeast Filtration Unit -
GreaseBeast Filtration Unit
to collect and filter fuel for your generator. Comes with a guide and filters for up to 500 gallons of oil.

Solar Powered Trickle Charger
to keep your starting
batteries sunshine fresh!


 Vegetable Oil Powered Generators -
  Maximum Lifespan

Low RPMs - Engineered to run at 1800 RPM's instead of 3000-3600, for longer and smoother operation.

Liquid Cooled - Much more effective solution than the typical air cooled.

Powder Coating - rust preventive seals engine and generator parts. Mounted on sturdy frame.

Diesel Reliability - Diesel engines run cooler with less maintenance and more power. Expect 15 - 20,000 hours before overhaul, which is 2-3 times the lifespan of gasoline, natural gas, or propane fired generators.
  Vegetable Oil Power

Built for Vegetable Oil - Dr. Rudolf Diesel invented and debuted his engine to run on 100% pure peanut oil, and for good reason besides environmental benefits. Vegetable oil is far more lubricating than diesel fuel, which will further extend the long life and hard work ethic of his powerful engine.

Electric Heaters - bring vegetable oil up to 180* F before initiating automatic switchover.

Steel Rings - installed to guarantee that vegetable oil does not degrade or wear internal engine components.

Fuel Pump - Quick fuel prime every time with a sturdy 10 psi fuel pump. Manual prime for emergency.
    Smart Inside

Solid Alternator - Stamford type generator alternator is trusted in military and industrial applications worldwide. Brushless alternator so magnets do not require replacement or maintenance.

Low Oil Pressure Alarm - signals if more engine oil must be added.

Circuit Breaker - protects electrical circuits in the event of overload or short circuit. Whereas a fuse must be replaced, the circuit breaker can be flipped and operation resumed.
  Smooth Operation

Gauges - A full complement of gauges for monitoring voltage, amperage & frequency of electricity output -  water-sealed behind a glass door for protection.

Tested - Each unit is load bank tested to ensure proper operation before shipping.

Powerful Engine - Direct injection with swirl combustion from a powerful Deutz engine. Iron block & head.
  Simple Maintenance

Fuel Filter - onboard filter is also water blockers to fully protect injection pump and engine from contamination. Spin on type that are commonly and affordably available through auto parts stores.

Trickle Charger - plug built in so if the battery is ever drained it can be recharged from a normal outlet. Plus free solar panel trickle charger is included so the sunshine will keep your batteries fresh!

Easy Access - Hoses are specially configured for easy accessibility for checking and changing fluids.

  • 1 Year Warranty, 6-8 Week Delivery
  • 120/240 volt, 1800 RPMs
  • Optional Outputs: 480/240 V, and 380/230 V 115/230 V 50 Hz
  • Single phase or triple phase 12 wire leads
  • Stamford type design alternator with all copper windings and brushless interior
  • Liquid cooled for closely controlled temperature
  • Gauges are water-sealed behind a glass door for protection against elements
  • Deutz Engine is known for power, durability, and performance. Iron block & head.
  • DUAL combination fuel filter / water separators provide clean diesel fuel to injection pump
  • Easy to use manual emergency fuel primer pump.
  • A full compliment of gauges for monitoring voltage, amps, frequency, temp, hour meter, etc.
  • Unit features key operated electric starting.
  • Safety system shuts down the engine in case of irregular temp., oil pressure, or over speed
  • Clocking to see the hours of operation on the generator
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation system provides relatively clean and stable power for nearly all types of sensitive equipment (a quality surge protector for sensitive equipment is recommended whenever powering them from any back-up power system)
  • The entire generator is mounted on a durable powder-coated steel structure
  • The controls and gauges are protected by a water tight glass door to ensure total protection against contaminants and UV rays
  • Large doors provide access to the engine and alternator for maintenance. 
  • Colors: red, white, blue, black, yellow, and green!

Tank Size:

3 Gallon Startup Diesel Tank, 70 Gallon Veg Oil Tank

Upgrade Size: Contact us!

How does a Vegetable Oil Generator work?

Vegetable Oil is thicker than diesel fuel, so must be thinned to power a diesel engine. A SVO Conversion works by transferring heat to the vegetable oil to thin it properly. When the oil reaches an appropriate temperature then a fuel valve is activated to automatically switch fuels. A properly heated system such as this will not create clogged injectors, loss of power, or other issues. It will sound smooth driving, probably even more than usual because the engine is better lubricated. The engine creates electrical power that you can plug into or harness with batteries.

How much fuel is used to create the electricity?

The amount of fuel used depends on the size of generator and how much of a load is being used. If you are grid connected through net metering, the entire load is used to put electricity into the grid.

Gallons of Vegetable Oil Used

For 12,000 Watts (12 KW) of usable electricity it requires a little over 1 Gallon of Vegetable Oil per hour.

If only half of that - 6,000 Watts - is being used then only half a gallon is used.






120 3 5 7 9

Will this work in my country?

The 60 Hz model is for United States applications. Any model can be built to 50 Hz for international applications for free by request. Check out the specs section for other power options and contact us for more information.

Is this Biodiesel?

Not quite. SVO is Straight Vegetable Oil, without modification. Biodiesel is made by chemically treating straight vegetable oil. The difference in terms of operation: SVO requires a conversion to the vehicle, a secondary fuel system that prepares the oil by warming it. Biodiesel on the other hand can go directly into the main tank for most diesels. It costs about .75 per gallon to make (from used oil) and requires some comfort and care to mix chemicals. Find biodiesel supplies on our ebay store.

Where do I find the vegetable oil?

Vegetable Oil comes from a variety of sources such as seeds, flowers, olives, coconuts and algae. Many people gather free waste cooking oil from restaurants to use as fuel. It is thicker than diesel fuel so must be thinned in order to run perfectly well in a diesel engine. This is the purpose of the SVO Conversion on the engine, to heat the oil and switch between regular diesel fuel and vegetable oil at the right time.

Most customers choose to collect the used cooking oil from local restaurants. Ask first - the owners are usually more than happy to give it to you for free, as they typically have to pay to have it removed. Read the GreaseBeast Guide to understand how to find and collect good oil and find all the filtration gear in our ebay store. Sometimes vegetable oil can be purchased economically from farmers, in bulk, or even at the pump in some areas. One can also choose to grow their own fuel - there are a variety of crops that will do the job. Use an oil press from our ebay store to do the job.


The Diesel engine was originally engineered to be fueled with vegetable oil. It was actually debuted to run on peanut oil at a world fair over 100 years ago. Listen to the inventor: "the Diesel engine can be fed vegetable oils" which "may become in the course of time as important as petroleum." — Dr. Rudolf Diesel, 1912

Is it Safe?

Vegetable Oil is actually a much safer fuel than both gasoline and diesel. When looking at the flash point -the temperature at which the liquid will ignite - diesel fuel is 143* F (62* C) and vegetable oil is 620* F (327* C). Not only is it less dangerous because it will not ignite easily, if vegetable oil is spilled on the ground, it is not poisonous to people, animals, or the environment. The Veg Generator is engineered with high grade automotive parts, and has been thoroughly inspected and approved by TUV - the strict German standard for safe automotive application.

Filtration Cost?

If you are gathering cooking oil you will need to use a filtration method for your oil. Finding good oil and using the GreaseBeast Filtration equipment will keep your costs to pocket change, 6 to 30 cents per gallon.

Who manufactures this, and what is their conversion record?

This is built from a Deutz Diesel engine, produced by Readysource who has installed generators all around the world.

Can I convert my vehicle to run this way?

Yes, most diesels can run on vegetable oil using SVO Conversion Kits, found in our ebay store. There are a few choices, depending on what size of vehicle you have and how much fuel you would like to be able to carry at one time.

Can it still run on diesel?

Yes! Since this is a dual tank system the original diesel fuel system is left fully intact. You are always free to run on diesel with a simple flip of a switch on the SVO Controller.

Can I operate the Veg Generator on during the winter?

Straight vegetable oil becomes more viscous (thicker) at cooler temperatures. The heating devices in the system thin the oil and the vehicle will only switch over to vegetable oil operation when the correct temperature has been reached. So in colder environments this usually means a bit more warmup time before vegetable oil operation will occur.
If you want to be extra certain of a quick startup on diesel in extreme cold, ask us about a full winterization option.

Why Vegetable Oil as Fuel:

    Protect Earth
Emissions reduced 40-70%, which slows global warming. 0% Sulphur Particles.
Growing plants absorb CO2 from the air, so burning releases it with no net increase.
Non-toxic & Biodegradable. Veg oil spills are not dangerous to life, water, or soil.
Domestic - Support your farmers and local economy. Renewable & home grown!

    Save Money
Waste cooking oil can be a free fuel source. Many restaurants are happy to give it away.
Grow your own oil - from sunflowers, soy, jatropha, nuts, or algae! Use an Oil Press.
Sources of filtered oil are available in locations worldwide, usually $1-$3 per gallon.

Incentives are available including tax credits, rebates, and grants: DSIREUSA.ORG
    Smart Choice
Automatic switch to vegetable oil. Convenient push button electric starter is quick.
Approved by EPA and guaranteed to operate effectively and reliably for a very long time.
Safer: flash point of diesel fuel and veg oil is much higher, and there are no sparks.

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