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Solar Air Heater - 2 Collector Panels heat 1500 Sq Feet

Price: $3,199.00

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Solar Air Heater - 2 Collector Panels heat 1500 Sq Feet

Solar Hot Air Collector
Enjoy Your Home Warmed by the Sun.
A solar air collector draws air from inside a room through the bottom of the collector, warms the air using the sun, then blows it back inside with a fan through the top. Breathe in Sunshine! This system includes two panels to warm 1500 square feet. For panels that heat 1000 or 300 square feet check our ebay store.

Durable Technology

Innovative Air Collector Panels gather the sun's warmth and share it with your home. Sturdy aluminum frame and tempered glass panels. SRCC Certified.


Built in Solar Panel powers blower fan. No wiring required, and no extra electricity used. Purely sun warmed sun powered air.

Installation Supplies

Everything you need to set it up! All the necessary Gaskets, Collars, Backdraft Damper, Wall Grills, mounting screws, hardware, foam tape. Digital DC Thermostat, Installation & Use Manual.

Heat: 14 kBtu/day

86"X 43” X 3.8", 110 pounds (per panel)
Aluminum Frame & Tempered Glass Panels
Air Flow Rate: 70 Cubic Feet Minute
14 MJ (SRCC Rating category C)
Warranty: 5 Years Collectors, 1 Year Electronics
Delivery: 2 Weeks via Freight Truck

Protect Environment.
  • Reduces 3/4” ton of C02 for 2 panel sets, 1/3 ton for one panel. Reduces the need to burn coal for electricity.
  • Primarily composed of aluminum and glass so highly durable and recyclable if disposed.
  • Make your home or business more energy independent and self-sufficient.

Save Money.
  • Significantly reduce your heating expenses in homes, garages, warehouses. Let the sun do the work!
  • Energy costs will likely rise, but your heating will be set up and taking care of you already.
  • Some state incentives are available including tax credits, rebates, and grants. Check your state: Database for State Incentives on Renewables & Efficiency.

Simple Choice.
  • Easy to Install: Easy mounting on wall or rooftop. Installs in hours, no electrical hookups. Detailed Manual included.
  • Maintenance: Digital thermostat automatically regulates temperature. Fan service life 70,000 hrs.
  • Safe: Completely safe and automatic operation. Certified by prestigious Solar Rating and Certification Corporation.

“I easily installed the two panels on the roof of our new 3-season porch. In spring during sunny days the porch becomes warmer than the house near noontime. We then open the patio door and let it heat the house until sunset.”

“With a morning temperature of -6°F (-21°C), the collector started pumping out warm air at 8 a.m. The panel keeps my cabin (950 sq.ft.) at 63°F (17°C) all day with no other heat source.” from Colorado

"We installed the heater this weekend at our cabin and I am thoroughly pleased with the results. I measured the outlet temperature at around 127*F (53* C). It warmed our bathroom, laundry room, and hallway very nicely. Thanks again, they work very well!" from Alberta, Canada

How does this work?

The Solar Hot Air Collector warms the air inside a room. An integrated Solar PV Panel powers a fan to distribute the sun-warmed air. The amount of heat produced is based on the volume of air passing through the solar panels and the intensity of sunshine.

Stand-alone Heater?

This will heat your home during the day very well! However it's intended as a supplemental heating system, as it will not work during the night time. During the winter even on overcast days it will produce warmth. The more sun, the more warmth potential.

Does this heat water or create power?

This is a solar hot air collector, so just warms air. There is a built in solar panel that powers the distributor fan. For Solar PV Panels to provide power check out our ebay store.

Is my climate suitable for Solar Heat?

This technology is professionally tested and certified to work efficiently even on mildly cloudy days. Mount on a south facing wall or rooftop that has direct exposure to the sun. The least interference from shade is best. The Solar PV Panel that powers the fan does not need to be in direct sunlight to work and will generate electricity even on overcast days and so can be used all year round.

What size/how many panels do I need?

    Size      Heating Area
Mini Panel = 300 Sq Feet
1 Panel = 1000 Sq Feet
2 Panels = 1500 Sq Feet

Check out the ebay store to find all 3 panel size options.

The Solar Hot Air Collector is mounted either on a south face wall or rooftop. Everything needed for installation is included. A diagram in the pictures demonstrates how a unit can operate if it must go through an attic. Some extra insulation duct and an additional distributor fan, which can be wired to a small solar panel or to your home's electricity, may be needed to move the air effectively through the attic. Cathedral ceilings are easier like the wall installation on the other diagram. The installation takes just a few hours, and no electrical connections on required to be made - the unit is self powered by the integrated solar panel.

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