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Welcome to the Rockford Icemen Apparel Site
Please read this ENTIRE page carefully as is contains instructions to help you place your order.
  1. Choose the product you wish to purchase from the PRODUCTS menu on the left. 
  2. You can click on the item to see more details and enlarge the picture. (We do not have actual pictures for all the items at this time, as they become available, we will add them to the site.)
  3. Select the color and size from the drop down list
  4. Select ADD TO CART
  5. Continue adding products to your cart. When you are finished select CHECKOUT from under your shopping cart on the lower left side of the screen OR select the SHOPPING CART menu from the top menu bar.
  6. Follow the on screen checkout instructions.
  7. You MUST complete the ENTIRE checkout by selecting PAYNOW! You will NOT actually pay online, but If you skip this step  your order is NOT placed!
  8. Print two copies of the invoice that you receive.
  9. Bring one copy with a check (payable to ROCKFORD ICEMEN) to Cary Runkel.  Keep one for the order pickup date.
  10. You will receive an email confirmation of your order.
There are THREE items that you can get your players number on
  1. Sweatshirts - There is a $7 charge to have the number added to the sleeve.  You will need to select the NUMBER ON SWEATSHIRT SLEEVE from the product menu and add it to your cart. In addition, please hand write the number you want on the sleeve next to the hoodie item on your order sheet.
  2. Property of Icemen Number T-Shirts  - There is no charge for this, you just need to write the number on the order sheet next to this t-shirt item.
  3. Shorts - There is no charge for this, you just need to write the number on the on the order sheet next to the shorts.
The deadline for the first order is September 30th
The deadline for the secord order is November 20th

Order pickup dates will be posted at a later date on the website.
Contact Cary Runkel at 815-871-0234 if you have questions.
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