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Welcome to The Draytones Official Store, we are glad to see you here!. 

AND... The Draytones are back on the stages and we booked in a great venue to make our return the most special one and certainly very Draytones like.

The Draytones will be performing live at the legendary 100 CLUB! in Oxford st, LONDON
on the 13th of September 2013
Pre-ordered tickets here on sale £8 (doors £10), with your ticket we give you a free CD of Today's Memories!!! (only one CD per purchase for the first 40 tickets sold on line applies ).
So, guys, don't wait too long because it looks like it will be a sold out night.

Hope to see you all there!.

The Draytones 9/07/13

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Also, you need to know that we have our official "Download centre" ( click on this link this album can be downloaded by simply clicking on the "Download Centre" button of the top menu, and our Facebook page
It's of course available too on iTunes and Amazon and all major digital distributors but... by buying directly from the band, you are actually giving 100% financial support to the band (plus you educate the taxman's kids), and like this we are able to produce more music much quicker. 

So that's why you are here, to support us and allow us to keep making music for your ears and heart, and of course, to own your own copy of Today's Memories. 
We won't let you down, any problem, you let us know, we deal straight forward with our fans, refunds for loss, damages, delays, etc, all easy between us, just drop us an email and we'll sort it.

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Thanks a lot, and enjoy!

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