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Kralik Nautilus Rigaree Martele Bowl Art Nouveau Loetz

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This listing is for a wonderful and quite unusual example of Bohemian Jugendstil Czech Art Nouveau glass.  My researching this bowl suggests this piece was made by Kralik c.1900-1905.    My research also showed this is not a commonly found piece as there are no example shots of another one anywhere.  Not sure if that allows calling this piece rare but it certainly is scarce.  The surface decoration is an applied glatt finish (aka. iridized matte finish) apparently also referred to as Verre de Soie Martel, which translates to "Silk Hammered Glass"...kind of a whimsically descriptive phrase so of course I like it the best..  :D  ...and last it has been called white martele.

One of the bowl's characteristics that could mean this was made by Loetz rather than Kralik is the six-wave rolling top design.  This six wave top is more consistent with the examples Loetz which have been represented and attributed to Loetz rather than Kralik as the only Kralik examples I can find are either pinched top or three wave tops.  Yet I find many examples where a piece of Loetz made glassware, some signed, have this six-wave top, even on smaller diameter pieces.  The next characteristic which leads me to Loetz is the well applied side decor accent pieces.  The turns and finish of the "loops" in these accents are well finished and pretty uniform in look.  Again most Kralik pieces seem as if the accents were applied in haste and w/o though to quality.  The side accent pieces have gold applied into the nooks & crannies add an over all but subtle gold look to the accent piece.  The outer parts of these accents has the same iridized treatment as the rest of the bowl.  These identifications and terms are likely debatable to some people, such is the nature of identification of the fascinating genre of Czech Art Nouveau glassware collecting.  It is a fairly fluid area of identification which requires a fair amount of inference and assumption as well as often "making some waves".  I simply strive to offer my complete thoughts on an item rather than misrepresent,or under represent, items I sell.

As I mentioned previously, there are many also would claim this piece is Loetz Nautilus and I tend to agree with their logic.  Other clues I used are the nice glass thickness, pontil mark finishing along with the six-wave ruffled and finished top would point toward Loetz but again, your call because my references could be out of date.  Either way it was made ca 1900-1905.

As to the coloring and look of the piece, I love the subtle slightly translucent iridized surface.  It seems to reflect every color in the rainbow and as you can see in the pictures, it will look different depending only on the direction the light is coming from.  The rigaree (one name for those interesting abstract nautilus shell looking applied accents) themselves have that inner applied gold that really accents the overall  iridized finish as you can see in the close-up photos of each rigaree.

I am unsure of the exact pattern, or if there is even a true pattern name/style for the surface pattern itself.  I do know it's really beautiful to look at...part of what makes it interesting is the wave form used on the top part rather than it being tri-wave or pinched, it's an elegant six-wave ruffle which seems makes this an unusual less common form.  A last thing is the rigaree are clear/iridized and gold not the far more common green glass.  The last characteristic which makes this interesting is the lack of an applied color band to the rim.  The non-Loetz pieces seem to all have these applied color accents to the rim, almost always green along with only tri-wave ruffled tops that also have no flare like this piece.

I will finish the description a simple comment, after I did my research to glean the details I felt were most important I in this description so you can decide for yourself.  In more informal conversational terms, I do my best to describe each item as completely as possible to help you as a buyer decide about a piece.  :D  Please do take advantage of my images here, because I make the effort to offer nice high quality, sharp and image sizes up to 10x life size allowing the examination of even the most miniscule details.
Now about the conditions.  I rate this as excellent with no signs of other than normal shelf wear to the bottom and no signs of water staining/deposits nor any other sort of damage.  You might notice what appear to be wear and scratches to the sides of the bowl.  If you look closer you can see the same "issues" in places where, well such wear is flat impossible to occur.  These are especially visible in the full sized images on my photo site.  Please don't mistake these as's not wear, scratches or damage but are, rather, bubbles and minor imperfections at or below the surface, which were normal and typical of many art glass pieces of the era and what is often referred to as Czechoslovakian glassware.

There are no chips, cracks, repairs or restorations to this piece.  Please look at the larger images on my photo site if you want to see magnified details.  Just remember those shots will be many times life size and very sharp and defined so, please keep what is there in context with what is normally visible to the naked eye.

All of our items come from a smoke-free, pet-free home...even though we love the puppy dawgs.  And the kitties too...but just the good kitties not the naughty kitties.
As mentioned I feel this piece was made by one of two Bohemian glass makers Kralik or Loetz. Honestly now I feel it was Kralik but there is debate out there thanks to lack of documentation from the era.
Era Made:
This piece was made c1900-1905.
The bowl is about 3-3/8" tall, about 6-1/4" in diameter at the top and about 6-1/2" in diameter at the center where the bowl is widest.
Items Included

This listing includes the bowl as described above and shown in the images.
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