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100% Guaranteed Untreated Natural A Grade Icy Light Green Jadeite Jade Pendant

Condition: New
Price: $55.00

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Jade has been treasured in China as the royal gemstone, "yu" for over 5,000 years. Jade was a symbol of love and virtue as well as a status symbol. Meanwhile, jade considered to possess the power of good luck, good health, longevity, and the ability to resist evil and disasters.

Jade is the best meaningful and thoughtful present to any one in any occasion. At the same time, it's the best investment to pass on generations. The older the jade it is, the more value it increases. Market value of jade increases 20-30% each year, infact some researches found that good quality jade increases double or more.


stock# AJ7501              Information


A grade Burmese Jadeite untreated Jade which has not been treated at all, non-enhanced, non-dyed. 100% natural in color, clarity and translucent.

age: from late 90's.
size: jade itself excluded bail is appx 37mm long x 21mm wide x 4.5mm thick
weight: appx 6.6 grams
style: pendant
carving: carvings of a fish, monkey, and a lotus leaf.
condition: excellent brand new condition
treatment: non, 100% natural A Grade
color: light green
translucent: excellent, and icy

clean jadeite. no crackline, no stone vein.

polish: excellent

suggested retail $200.00. Don't miss this great opportunity to add this beautiful piece to your collections.


About Jade

Jadeite Jade divided in to 3 different grades in the market: A grade, B grade & C grade. The more transparency, more lively & vibrant color, less inclusions, the more valuable it is.

A Grade

the best jade is also called Jadeite which is 100% genuine mined stone (Jadeite) natural in color, translucent, and purity with out any treatment, nor enhancement, nor color dyed in any way. Nowadays natural color A grade jade are hard to find and these jade are the ones for investment and collection. In over ages, the color grain will grow and luster will become more shiny as you wear it long age. Its value would be increased by ages and generations.

B Grade

defines also genuine stone (Jadeite) and natural color but had been undergone with process of acid treatment to improve its translucent and remove impurities.
C Grade

called dyed jade which is B grade jadeite added in pigment substance. These are the least expensive jade in the market.

Raw jade imported from Burma in the 90's or earlier. Item hand carved in China (Due to the thousands of years of jade history in China, China has the best jade workmanship in the world and no where else). Item is located in the USA now, so USA buyers not needed to worry anything about custom taxes.


Regarding pictures:

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    The photos below are taken under natural daylight without any Photoshop colors enhance.Please read the above facts regarding the photos colors.Jadeite color also may look different depends on the actual lighting and angles viewing the object.


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