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Magnetic-massage insoles "Biomag" are based on the theory about communication of certain zones of a foot with all bodies of a human body. At walking barefoot the person, massing foot, trains and strengthens all organism. But how to be, if usually, during the day we go to footwear? Insoles "Biomag" are made of hygienic plastic in which basis medical magnetic balls are built in, and the small elastic thorns which are carrying out functions of a masseur, create air layer between foot and an insole. They will give to you pleasure of contact to a natural field of the Earth, and biologically-active points of your foot will receive double massage - magnetic and physiological. In the course of carrying magnetic-massage insoles "Biomag": reduce fatigue and weariness of feet, stabilise pressure and heart work, make active immune system, improve memory and brain work, normalise digestion. A way of use: cut off insoles on a contour till the necessary size of footwear. Enclose them in free footwear. The insole should be turned thorns upwards that foot at a contact felt its salutary massage. It is very useful in the mornings, having enclosed an insole in slippers, to resemble 5-10 minutes on a room. You will feel as this procedure will encourage you as if you have made morning exercices. Further it is necessary to carry insoles 2-3 hours per day, gradually increasing time of their carrying. In the course of carrying of insoles you will feel that hands and feet become warmer, puffiness and weariness of feet acts in film - the blood-groove at this time becomes more active and there is an active deducing of toxins and slags. Insoles do not absorb a moisture, easily wash and at careful use serve till 10th years.     

made in Russia



The analysis of results of application of insoles magnetic many people in the different countries of the world has shown, that:

- Cold hands and feet become warm;

- There takes place a radiculitis a pain in a backbone;

- Thanks to insoles immune firmness of an organism amazingly increases;

- The normal blood-groove in arteries and passableness of veins is restored;

- At an alternating lameness already in half an hour of using insoles the distance which is taken place by patients without a stop, increases, sometimes several times;

- At persons with considerable infringement of blood circulation, in feet after some weeks normal blood circulation is restored and the hypostasis disappears;

- Getting in hypodermic fat fungoid diseases owing to the strengthened blood circulation move to external layers of a skin, that considerably facilitates struggle against the activator of disease by means of greasing of sore points by protivo-fungoid ointment, massage by a soft brush in the morning and in the evening or greasings by spirit;

- Insoles magnetic render beneficial influence at illnesses of lungs, thanks to more intensive blood circulation their blood supply improves;

- Warm pains disappear or considerably decrease, quickly disappear after-infarktnye hems;

- There pass symptoms of radiating illness.

It occurs that the concentrated and increased biofield protects from new doses of an irradiation, and the allocation system deletes from an organism radioactive nuclides together with toxins through a foot time. Together with toxins lead connections leave from an organism both other connections and metals, even. Sick as radiation sickness feel condition improvement in a week after the beginning of use of insoles;

- Sugar level in blood is regulated. At high and fluctuating level of sugar growth of level and the size of fluctuations at first is observed. In two weeks of fluctuation decrease. At sick of a diabetes insulin consumption as as a result of increase in a current of blood there is its more effective use decreases;

- Sight improvement (is observed especially at a far-sightedness).   

Insoles are accessible in four sizes: 1-3; 3-6; 6-9; 7-11; specify your size Contact Me                Visit My eBay Store

Photo incorporated into this template used with permission of Jupiter Images.

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